Good governance principles

CP complies fully with the Principles of Good Governance of State Business Sector Enterprises, pursuant to Decree Law133/2013, of 3 October along with current regulations and legislation.

CP fulfils its mission as well as the objectives which stipulate the required parameters of quality and respect for the principles of social responsibility, sustainable development and public service.

It threats its staff with respect, equality and integrity, actively contributing towards their professional appreciation. 

It treats its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders equally and has procedures regarding the acquisition of goods and services.

The CP Code of Ethics was revised in 2018 to incorporate a series of fundamental Company values and behavioural guidelines for its employees regardless of the bond they have with CP.

The mission of the Ethics Commission, which answers directly to the Chair of the Board of Directors, is, among others, to ensure that everyone if aware of the Code of Ethics and complies with it, to encourage the consolidation and knowledge of good practice in this area, to clarify any doubts about the matters it covers and to issue professional opinions related with its compliance. It also aims to increase ethics in the Company governance model.

Code of ethics

Transactions with related parties

See Corporate Governance Report in Report and Accounts 

Other transactions

See Corporate Governance Report in Report and Accounts

State financial effort