Governance model

CP is a rail passenger transport company, that is part of the state business sector.

Under the governance model it has adopted, CP has a Board of Directors, an Audit Committee and a Statutory Auditor, plus, it is also audited by an external auditor.

A Board of Directors is a body of members, elected or appointed, which jointly exercises the broadest powers to manage and represent the company in accordance with the law and the statutes of the organisation to which it belongs.

The Members of CP's Board of Directors were appointed by Order no. 11504/2022, of 28 September 2022, published in Diário da República, 2nd series, no. 188, of 28 September 2022, on the proposal of the government members responsible for the areas of finance, and infrastructure and housing. The term of office entrusted to them çlasts three years and can be reneed up to three times.

In the present term of office, the Board of Directors is composed of Pedro Miguel Sousa Pereira Guedes Moreira as Chair, Maria Isabel de Magalhães Ribeiro as Vice-Chair, and Ana Maria dos Santos Malhó, Pedro Manuel Franco Ribeiro and Joaquim José Martins Guerra, as members.

The Board of Directors sets the dates or frequency of its regular meetings at least every two weeks and meets extraordinarily whenever convened by the Chair or two Directors.

The company supervisory body is an autonomous structure of the board of directors for reporting on the organisation's situation to all its stakeholders. Its purpose is to preserve the organisation's value and, to this end, its performance is impartial and independent.

Its activity is focused mainly on supervising the activity of the company and the management of the directors, verifying compliance with legal and statutory obligations, complemented by knowledge of the business, its operations, business risks and fraud.

It is also responsible for analysing investment decisions - checking whether they may involve illegal acts - and those related to the risk control processes, which must support the decision-making.

At CP, the Supervisory Board is a corporate body composed of António José Farinha Simão as Chair, Teresa Isabel Carvalho Costa and Cristina Maria Pereira Freire as effective members, and Mário José Alveirinho Carrega as an alternate member.

It is the duty of the Statutory Auditor, or the Firm of Statutory Auditors, to inform the Chair of the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board, as well as ministry in charge of the company of any facts of it may be aware of which it considers to be indicative of serious difficulties in the pursuit of the corporate purpose.

The Statutory Auditor must also conduct all the examinations and checks necessary to review and legally certify the company's accounts.

The Statutory Auditor or the Statutory Audit Firm is a corporate body of CP, currently provided by Alves da Cunha, A. Dias & Associados - Sociedade de Revisores Oficiais de Contas, Lda. represented by José Alves da Cunha.

This corporate body is appointed, on the proposal of the Supervisory Board, by joint order of the members of the government responsible for the areas of finance and transport, for three years, remaining in office until it is replaced, renewable under the terms of the applicable legislation.

The Statutory Auditor or the Firm of Statutory Auditors is endowed with the powers established in the law and the statutes.