The CP Document Centre and Historical Archive

The CP Document Centre and Historical Archive contains the company artefacts, stretching back over more than 160 years of rail transport, particularly the economic, social and political history of Portugal. As well as providing help for research, the centre is open to the public and provides community support services.  

The document archive contains documents that can be made available to the public after the period of time they have to kept private. The archive is composed of documents produced and received by the company as part of its activities – studies, minutes, contracts, timetables, annual reports, technical drawings, posters and so on.

The photo archive is composed of photos that document the various the different railway activities that reflect Portuguese society at the time and they are organised by main themes.

The bibliographic archive contains specialised scientific and technical information about the railways and it is composed of reports, periodicals, national legislation and UIC forms that are sent to the general secretary.

  • Reading service: reading room with six places;
  • Document copies: photocopies/scans/black and white as well as colour photographs;
  • Reference service: research in person or by email and phone;
  • Other services: educational and cultural services about the railways; and
  • Internships for post-graduate/Master's degrees in Documentation Science – specialising in archives in real work environment, under agreed conditions.

From 09:00 to 13:00 -  Monday and Thursday, advance booking required.

Calçada do Duque, 20, 1249-109 Lisboa

Telephones: 211 023 599/211 023 509


Access by public transport: train- Rossio station; underground- Restauradores and Baixa-Chiado, buses.