CP is the parent company of a group of subsidiaries and associate companies, which operate in various areas of activity.

The group's core business is to provide rail transport services and it is the largest rail passenger carrier in Portugal. It operates throughout the country, offering essential services to help develop the nation and to ensure its social and territorial cohesion, and it also runs international services.

The group provides the following activities through its subsidiaries and associated companies:

  • Manufacturing, renovation, major overhauls and maintenance of equipment, railway vehicles, ships and buses; refurbishment engineering, repair and maintenance of transport vehicles; study of workshop facilities for maintenance ((SIMEF, A.C.E. and Nomad Tech, Lda.);

  • Insurance mediation (Saros, Lda.);

  • Technical and professional training and development, production of projects and studies and provision of applied psychology services and medical and assessment for the transport and communication area (Fernave, S.A.);

  • Provision of health care, creation and management of health care and and working conditions units; technical assistance, consulting and auditing, namely in matters of health, hygiene and safety at work, the environment and environmental management; drawing up studies, diagnosis for prevention and control regarding drug, alcohol and tobacco addictions (Ecosaúde, S.A.);

  • Implementation of a common and exclusive ticketing system management for joint venture partners (CP, STCP and Metro do Porto) in Greater Oporto (TIP, A.C.E.);

  • Development of contactless ticketing project in association with other international partners, according to the commitments by the companies that are members of the Lisbon region joint venture (OTLIS, A.C.E.).

CP also owns some minority stakes to help cooperation with other operators.