• Name: CP – COMBOIOS DE PORTUGAL, E.P.E. (hereinafter called “CP”).
  • Head office: Calçada do Duque, 14, 16, 18 and 20, 1249-109 Lisboa.
  • Tax number: 500 498 601.
  • Email:
  • Telephone:

Domestic calls:

    • 210 900 032 (Price of a call to the fixed network according to your tariff)

International calls:

    • +351 210 900 032 (Price of a call to Portugal according to your tariff)

808 line:

    • 808 109 110 (Price of a local call according to your tariff, with a maximum of €0.07 + VAT for the first minute and €0.0277 + VAT for each subsequent minute on working days from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. or €0.0084 + VAT from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. and weekends and public holidays, as defined by Anacom)

The website (hereinafter the "Website") is registered in accordance with the ".PT Registration Rules" under legal deposit no. 376640/14, and is the property of CP - COMBOIOS DE PORTUGAL, E.P.E. ("CP"), a legal person governed by public law, with its head office at Calçada do Duque, 14, 16, 18 and 20, 1249-109 Lisbon, with the single registration and company number 500 498 601, with a share capital of €3,959,489,351.01 (three billion, nine hundred and fifty-nine million, four hundred and eighty-nine thousand, three hundred and fifty-one euros and one cent).

This Legal Notice applies to its visitors use of the Website (hereinafter the "Users").
CP reserves the right to amend this Legal Notice without prior warning, and any amendment will be published on the Website. Changes to the Legal Notice will only apply to Users after their date of publication on the Website.

The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the Website's contents without the prior written authorisation of CP is prohibited for any purpose other than strictly personal use.

CP reserves the right to change the information and any commercial offers relating to: transport tickets, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services at any time. These changes will only apply to transport tickets purchased after the publication on the Website and will not affect any purchases in progress.

It is expressly forbidden for any entity to publish hyperlinks to this Website, regardless of the intended purpose, without CP's prior authorisation. Use of the Website domain for abusive purposes, without prior authorisation, will result in CP taking appropriate legal action. If you find hyperlinks on other sites that allow you to access the Website, we inform you that CP has no responsibility for the origin of the page in question or its content.

CP expressly rejects any liability for adverts and advertising campaigns that use CP's name or brand, unless they are carried out by entities duly authorised to do so.

CP prioritises contact with Users through the institutional channels specially created for this purpose and duly disclosed on the Website.

If a User suspects that any interaction using CP's name or brand is fraudulent, they should not, under any circumstances, access, confirm or provide their personal data, including their bank details, nor should they subscribe to any service offered. CP recommends that you do not click on the associated hyperlinks and that you do not access any external website. If you are in any doubt as to the veracity of a communication referring to the name or brand of CP, you should contact our user support services through the channels provided for this purpose on the Website.

In order to protect its interests, CP will take all necessary and appropriate measures to deal with any abusive use of its industrial property rights (trade mark, logo, commercial name, etc.), good name and reputation.

The term intellectual property is used in this Legal Notice to cover the concepts of ownership of copyright and related rights and industrial property.

The domain name "" is registered in the name of CP - COMBOIOS DE PORTUGAL, E.P.E., which may publish a website on this domain and is consequently responsible for its content.

The content of the texts, comments, illustrations, works and images reproduced or presented on the Website are duly protected by the respective copyrights. As such, their use will only be authorised for private purposes, without prejudice to more restrictive provisions, all under the terms of the Copyright and Related Rights Code. Any total or partial reproduction or representation of the Website, or the elements contained therein, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited under penalty of recourse to the legally appropriate means against those who act in the terms described.

Company names, trade marks and any other distinctive signs on the Website are protected under the terms of the legal provisions applicable to industrial property. The total or partial reproduction or representation of these distinctive signs is strictly prohibited and requires prior written authorisation from the respective owners. Users must comply with the general conditions of sale of transport tickets and CP will not be held responsible for any improper purchase of these tickets.

CP only uses the protected rights of third parties (brands, names, logos or company and service names) with the authorisation of their owners.

CP is not liable for any damages arising from interference, interruptions, computer viruses, breakdowns or disconnections of the operating system, or any other computer failure resulting from a force majeure event that may temporarily prevent access, browsing or the provision of services to Users.

CP is not liable for situations of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure resulting from unforeseen events or natural forces beyond human control that cannot be avoided or situations that create the impossibility of fulfilling the service that cannot reasonably be attributed or attributable to CP, namely in situations of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, epidemics, among others. Whenever this occurs, CP will take the appropriate and necessary measures to inform users immediately and as soon as it becomes aware of the circumstances and foreseeable consequences of this impossibility.

Users undertake to comply with and respect this Legal Notice, in particular:

    a) To refrain from introducing, storing or disseminating content that is defamatory, obscene, insulting, xenophobic and/or of any other nature that violates the general principles of law and public order through the Website;

    b) To keep, and not disclose, their password for entering the reserved area of the Website in order to prevent third parties from accessing their account, which is personal and non-transferable;

   c) Not to use false identities;

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   e) Users are expressly forbidden from transmitting messages or information that are insulting, misleading, defamatory, obscene or that violate the rights of third parties in any way, and provide any information that may be harmful to third parties, the owner of the Website or the entity that operates it.

CP reserves the right to delete the account of Users who fail to meet any of these Obligations.

The Users are responsible for the veracity of the data they send to CP and undertake to communicate any changes to it through the channels provided on the Website.

You can read CP's Privacy Policy regarding the processing of personal data within the scope of the Website in the privacy policy.

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