Railway culture

The first railway journey in Portugal, between Lisbon and, took place on 28 October 1856. At that time there were no roads, not even good tracks. A journey in a litter between Lisbon and Oporto took at least five days and even the mail coach took at least 34 hours.

From that first step, the expansion of the railway in Portugal, this great human adventure, has changed the development of the country.

Historical archive

Historical archives

Contains the business artefacts of CP, covering more tha 160 years of history.

History of CP

History of CP

CP is the heir to a huge amount of history, collected over more than 160 years of activity.

Rolling stock fleet

Rolling stock fleet

The current fleet that is available for carrying passengers has 245 multiple units, 44 locomotives and 126 carriages.

Photo and video gallery

Photo gallery

Have a look back at some images of CP and discover a bit more about our history.