Quality and Safety System

Customer satisfaction and safety, employee motivation, competitiveness, growing market demands and the economic and social situation, all encourage CP to keep and develop a Quality Management System (QMS) and a Safety Management System (SMS).

The Quality Management System goes back to December 1999 and the first stage was completed in October 2002 with the ISO 9001 certification, for what was then called the Central Departments, CP Lisbon and CP Oporto. The second stage was concluded at the end of 2008 with the certification of CP Carga S.A., CP Long Distance, CP Regional, CP Fleet and CP Services. 

CP became a totally certified company in accordance with standard NP ISO 9001 in December 2008.

CP is the first national railway company in Europe to have all its critical business processes certified.

There is a long list of benefits that the Quality Management System has brought over the years;

  • It helped in the definition of CP’s Vision, Mission and Values,
  • Greater focus on the customer with the publication of the CP Service Quality Report (in Portuguese). Here, CP customers  and the public in general can see the performance of the different services in different areas: information, customer care, cleanliness, safety, train punctuality, accesses, complaints and the results of customer satisfaction inquiries.
  • Process based approach and identification of performance indicators;
  • Transformation of the employees' tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge by producing various written procedures associated to critical processes for the organisation,
  • Development of internal and external audits of all quality processes and the creation of the Preventive and Corrective Action Plan,
  • Implementation of an employee Suggestion System and the respective Incentive System,
  • Improvements to various organisational processes such as: Procurement, Telephone information (Call Center), Legislation Management, Rail Regulation Management, Customer Complaint Handling, Responsibility Management.
  • Adoption of more transparent policies by publishing all relevant management documents.

Having a Quality and Environmental Management System is without doubt a management tool that generates added confidence since it ensures strict requirements are followed in the organisational structure, activity programming, responsibilities processes, procedures and resources, increasing efficiency of the performance and assisting with continued improvement. Another important aspect of certification is the fame and improved image is gives the company on the market.

We are convinced that adopting these Standards allows organisations and CP in particular, to position themselves better in a competitive environment to face the global challenges that have a direct influence on our activity where the systematic improvement of CP results is an excellent example.

The Quality Management System was approved by the CP Board of Directors in March 2018.