The Company

CP E.P.E. is a state-owned business entity owned 100% by the Portuguese government.

As an active player in society, CP assumes the responsibility for contributing towards the economic development and social cohesion of the country and its inhabitants through a proper performance of its commercial activity.
With more than 126 million passengers carried per year (2018), CP is one of the most representative Portuguese companies and the country’s largest land transport operator.

CP – Comboios de Portugal, E.P.E.

Calçada do Duque, nº 20

1249 – 109 Lisboa

Tax number: 500 498 601

Statutory Capital  €3.959.489.351,01

In the fulfilment of our Mission, we want to strive for the satisfaction of demand in all fronts of the business in which we are involved, with a quality service adapted to our customers’ expectations, ensuring the railway safety and guiding our performance by criteria of effectiveness and competitiveness.

To offer passenger rail transport services in an innovative way, safeguarding the environment and improving safety and security, increasing the value of the service provided to the Costumer and reinforcing the market share in the target segments through:

  • Supply of competitive trains in terms of speed, frequency, punctuality and comfort;
  • Promote intermodal services for integrated services adapted to customers' needs;
  • Qualified, motivated staff able to follow their own initiative;
  • A flexible organisation that is able to respond to market challenges;
  • Establishing pricing systems that are compatible with the different markets and which bear in mind the price/quality ratio;
  • Contracts for the services rendered, namely public service and services required for operations;
  • Dynamic and high quality communication;
  • Development of strategic partnerships that strengthen the value chain for the services provided;
  • Valuing relationships with local communities.

Profound Values

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Environment

Positional Values

  • Professionalism: Team spirit, Quality
  • Ethics: Truth, Honesty, Transparency
  • Initiative: Innovation, Dynamics

Relational Values

  • Commitment: Trust, Dialogue
  • Human values: Respect, Politeness, Social skills 
  • Reinforce the quality of the provided service, contributing to a higher satisfaction of our Customers and meeting their mobility needs;
  • Stimulate organisation through the reinforcement of productive assets and promotion of efficiency and productivity, particularly:
    • Acquisition of rolling stock and implementation of new production models, replacing the already obsolete diesel fleet and eliminating dependence on RENFE;
    • Rejuvenation of the staff and renegotiation of the Career Regulations and the Company Agreement, adapting and integrating professional careers, reinforcing the skills of human capital and simultaneously generating a commitment to the Company's results;
  • Create more value by promoting dialogue with social and political agents and with organisations representing workers, establishing strategic partnerships with the infrastructure manager and other stakeholders and creating conditions to take advantage of new business opportunities;
  • Promote financial balance by establishing a contracting framework of both the public service and the use of infrastructures, continuing to restructure the historical debt, rationalising expenses, making a return on non-core assets and promoting the sustainability of associated companies.    

CP Team

A new style of management

Because of the new economic and legal context, CP underwent a profound change in adapting towards the market. It organized itself into Business Units that were able to satisfy the needs of the different market segments.

It has invested in partnerships that add value to its services for the customer and strengthen its position in the transport sector.

At the same time, it has invested in retraining its human resources and tried to make how it faces new challenged more effective in a competitive market place.

A new style of management
Current Structure

The structure

CP is currently organised into Business Units.

  • Urban trains - Lisboa, Porto e  Coimbra
  • Alfa Pendular, Intercidades and International trains;
  • Regional and InterRegional trains

CP in numbers (2018)

41 Million (€)

Online sales

2,179 Km

Rail network

126 Million

Pasasengers a year

Over 160

Years of experience