Missions 2022

Time, gestures, ideas and energy to give

Helping connects us to others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for all. And it's not just with money - we can help with our time, gestures, ideas and energy.

As a responsible company, CP shares some of its projects and the satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of people and the planet. Doing good is good.

The main objective of the internal dimension of Social Responsibility is to provide a healthy working environment and well-being to our employees, contributing to the construction of a sense of belonging to the company.

In 2022, we ran awareness-raising actions on the importance of volunteering, social causes, animal causes, health and financial literacy, and promoting personal and corporate development.

Our employees' health and well-being dictated many actions, with clarification sessions, screenings and gymnastics sessions at work.

With a view to reconciling professional and personal life, CP once again ran a holiday camp for its employees' children.

It also increased its exchange of agreements with various entities with employee benefits.

At the end of the year, there was a Christmas action where around 300 employees were involved in a challenge to decorate pine trees. This revealed a high level of participation and a feeling of belonging to the CP Family. This action, in partnership with MyNatal, created conditions for a future reforestation action, with the planting of 300 native trees (chestnut and cork oak) in alignment with CP's objectives in the sphere of promoting the environmental cause and fostering CP corporate volunteering.

CP Social Responsibility, externally, focuses on involvement with the community in actions that fight against poverty, support social inclusion, and the pursuit of human rights and environmental concerns, by promoting entities and bodies.

In 2022, CP carried out several actions aimed at active citizenship, highlighting the partnerships established with the Red Cross, involving all employees and the projects with animal defence and educational support associations (União Zoófila, Ânimas).

In the same context, CP promoted and publicised the collection of donations in favour of various institutions and entities, as well as the promotion of blood donation initiatives, also emphasising its role as a socially responsible company and seeking to respond to the pillars of the culture of sustainability (Liga Portuguesa Contra a Fome, Associação Esclerose Múltipla, Associação doentes Lepra, Sangfer).

There were also several initiatives to support Ukraine, such as travel offers, dissemination of concerts, collection of goods, and availability of helpful information translated into CP channels and Government platforms.

The donation of uniforms (PALOP prisoners and teachers) and articles for solidarity purposes, in association with Banco de Bens, is another example of how it is possible to activate real solidarity networking with the help of partners with a social vocation, thus contributing to the promotion of the circular economy, with a positive environmental impact and strong social return.

In terms of the civic dimension, we continued to support the community, namely through the provision of baptism trips for Customers with special needs and children in situations of risk or social disadvantage, as well as support in travel and dissemination of climate defence actions (Environment Train, Whale Defence, Reforestation of Serra da Estrela).

The promotion of diversity, inclusion and gender equality and integration of people with reduced mobility also merited the attention of this area, with actions involving Temporary Reception Houses, entities supporting women and listening carefully to the needs of Customers with Special Needs, specifically with the holding of the General Meeting of the Advisory Board of these Customers and also with the signing of a protocol with Associação Salvador.