Missions 2023 - we supported 42 organisations

Time, gestures, ideas and energy

The act of helping connects us to others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for everyone. And not just with money - we can help with our time, gestures, ideas and energy.

CP, as a Responsible Company, is sharing some of its projects with you. It also shares the satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of People and the Planet. Doing good is good.

The main objective of Social Responsibility, in its internal dimension, is to provide a healthy working environment and well-being for the Employee, contributing to the simultaneous construction of a sense of belonging to the Company, increasing levels of productivity/attendance.

In 2023, we promoted awareness-raising activities for our Employees in the field of social causes, animal rights, and the promotion of Inclusion and Diversity, with a view to providing personal and corporate development, as well as raising awareness of citizenship causes.

In the area of health, we held information sessions, cardiovascular screenings and optical screenings.

We also marked World Environment Day by reinforcing our commitment to sustainable management by distributing seed cards for planting to all employees and planting a tree at our company headquarters.

CP was also responsible for planting 279 trees in a reforestation project in the Algarve.

Providing our employees with more benefits is also the aim of the 51 agreements signed with various organisations and services, ranging from health to leisure.

With a view to reconciling professional and personal life, CP once again organised a holiday camp for the children of its employees, with 78 children and young people taking part.

At the end of the year, with the Christmas Pine Tree Challenge: THIS TREE IS FROM ON EARTH! around 350 employees were involved in a decoration challenge, which revealed a high level of participation and a feeling of belonging to the CP Family and finally, as a closing action for the year, all employees were once again asked to volunteer for a Christmas charity action to support AMI (collection of goods) in conjunction with IP.

CP Social Responsibility, in its external dimension, focuses on involvement with the community, in actions that promote the fight against poverty, social inclusion, the pursuit of human rights and environmental concerns, through promoting organisations and bodies.

In 2023, the Social Responsibility area carried out a series of actions aimed at CP's active citizenship, in particular the action to support Operation Red Nose involving all employees, raising around €5,000 for this organisation by selling Red Noses and collecting food from employees in favour of AMI, in a joint action with IP.

In the same context, CP promoted and publicised through its internal and external channels the collection of donations in favour of a series of social institutions and entities, including the Associação Crescer a Terra dos Sonhos, Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro, Aldeias SOS Criança, Instituto de Apoio à Criança, Corações com Coroa, Comissão para a Igualdade and Fundação o Século, actions to support the populations of Lebanon and Morocco and refugee support entities (UNHCR and Conselho Português para os Refugiados).

In terms of the civic dimension, we continued to support the community, contributing to the promotion of citizenship, namely by facilitating trips for clients with special needs, children at risk or socially disadvantaged and the needy elderly population. 12 institutions were supported in this area. We would highlight the support given to the Pedro Hispano Hospital, the Belmonte Foundation, Sagrada Família, Amanhã da Criança, the Christmas Train and the EVA Project.

Also within the scope of external Social Responsibility, support was given to CP, climate defence actions and actions to promote the use of public transport among young people and actions to support animal welfare associations, through regular donations of expired medicines, delivered to SOS Animal, União Zoófila, Canil e Gatil Intermunicipal de Torres Novas and Causas de Caudas.

The promotion of diversity, inclusion and gender equality and the integration of people with reduced mobility also received attention in this area, with actions to publicise the themes of "Nationalities and Ethnicities, Gender, Disabilities, LGBTIQA+", promoting the work of entities such as the UNHCR, the IGC and Opus Diversidade.

In the specific case of Customers with Special Needs, the 13th Consultative Council for People with Special Needs was also organised, which includes various Associations - ACAPO, ADFA, APD, APS, CNOD, Fundação LIGA, INR, IP and ANMP, with the aim of maintaining a permanent dialogue with these customers.

An agreement was also signed for CP's new Counsellor for Customers with Special Needs (starting January 2024) and the protocol with the Salvador Association was renewed.
Throughout the year, and whenever necessary, actions to improve accessibility at operational and commercial level were monitored.