Press release

CP - Comboios de Portugal is proud to have reached an agreement on interim salary increases with all trade unions (15), except for the Itinerant Commercial Review Railway Union (ticket inspectors).

This consensus is proof of the equity and commitment of CP in valuing all its workers and the work carried out by the unions in representing their associates.

Following the agreement, two of the three trade unions that had issued a strike pre-notice for today called off the strike, a measure we welcome and thank. This responsible attitude is a clear indicator of the capacity for dialogue and understanding between CP and the trade unions in the interest of all workers and passengers.

CP regrets that SFRCI is the only trade union that has not yet reached an agreement with the company, which will lead to lower increases for its members in comparison with workers covered by other company agreements.

CP is, however, willing to sign the agreement with the SFRCI.

CP's main goal is always the continuous improvement of the services provided to its passengers and the conditions for its workers. We will continue to work to find solutions that benefit all those involved.

CP thanks all its workers for their understanding and support in this process.