CP Comboios de Portugal Rating Upgraded

International credit rating agency Moody's recently upgraded the rating of CP - Comboios de Portugal. This recognition reinforces the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by the company and translates into a tangible symbol of success and stability.

Moody's is known for its rigorous analysis and assessment process. The decision to raise CP's rating reflects a positive assessment of the company's financial health, its management capacity and the sustainability of its operations. This recognition is especially significant considering the challenges the transport sector has faced recently.

This progress is more than just a financial achievement. It represents the culmination of a concerted effort on several fronts, signalling positive financial results in 2022 for the first time in decades. This feat was not achieved by chance but thanks to prudent and judicious management of public money.

Throughout this journey, CP has focused on recovering, making its rolling stock more valuable, and increasing its capacity to offer services. Reducing unnecessary expenses, combined with internalising various services that were previously outsourced, has allowed CP to become more efficient and reduce costs without compromising the quality of the service.

A fundamental aspect of CP's strategy was the diversification and increased services provided to external customers, which contributed significantly to the positive financial results.

It is imperative to emphasise that this milestone would not have been possible without CP's employees' tireless commitment and dedication. Their competence and commitment have been the company's backbone, enabling us to achieve our goals.

The rating upgrade by Moody's is testimony to the confidence that the markets have in CP's management and strategy.

CP sees this recognition not as an endpoint but as an incentive to continue on the path of continuous improvement, reinforcing CP's crucial role in the country's transport system and sustainable mobility.