Maria Isabel de Magalhães Ribeiro

Name: Maria Isabel de Magalhães Ribeiro

Title: Vice-chairman

Mandate: 2022 - 2024


1: Undergraduate Degree in Economics from University of Minho.

2: PADE - General Management Program at AESE - Business School- with Navarra University

Carried Activities


Chair of the board of directors of SIMEF

Board member

Board of directors of CP

Board member

Board of Directors of EMEF - Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamento Ferroviário, S. A. (EMEF)

Departmental director

Director of Human Resources of EMEF Norte: PON, POG and UMAV


Human Resources of EMEF Central Services.

Management Teacher

Grades 10, 11 and 12 at the Vocational School ‘Estudo e Trabalho na Pedra’.


Accountant at the Accounting Office ‘Acerto de Contas’.