Presidential train offers an exclusive visit to Quinta de Vargellas

Taylor's winery and vineyards will open their doors to visitors for the first time.

CP - Comboios de Portugal and Taylor's have established a partnership to create a truly unique and memorable experience in the Douro on the Presidential Train by Chakall,.

For the first time, Quinta de Vargellas will open its doors to visitors, a privilege only available to passengers on the Presidential Train, a museum piece that promises to provide a journey marked by refinement and exclusivity.

This collaboration represents a union between two emblematic institutions committed to excellence and tradition. It's an unmissable opportunity for wine lovers and travel enthusiasts who want to explore the best the Douro has to offer, while enjoying a luxurious and authentic experience.

Unique sensory experience

The Presidential Train 2024 promises to be a mobile ambassador for the Douro, bringing the soul, food, wine and stories of this unique region into its carriages. The mission is to ensure that each passenger not only travels through the Douro, but experiences, feels and lives the region in all its dimensions. This experience brings together CP - Comboios de Portugal, the National Railway Museum Foundation and Chef Chakall and, in all, there will be 20 trips in a celebration of Portugal, starting on 3 May.

This union with Taylor's, one of Porto's first and historic wine houses, will make for an even more memorable journey for all those who board the Presidential Train. Quinta de Vargellas occupies a prominent place among the Douro vineyards and its reputation as a source of the best Ports dates back to 1820. Located in the Upper Douro, the most eastern and remote part of the Demarcated Region, this property is considered one of the world's great vineyards.

As part of this partnership, passengers will have the privilege of making an absolutely exceptional visit to Quinta de Vargellas - the birthplace of Taylor's wines - and tasting its famous Ports in situ, from its renowned Vintages to its sublime Tawnies. It will be a unique and very enriching sensory experience.

As well as visiting the vineyard and winery, passengers will be able to taste six different wines of recognised quality and excellence. In the wine press area, and before savouring them, they will also be able to watch a Vintage Port being opened by fire, in an unforgettable spectacle.

This unique experience will only be available to those who accept the challenge of boarding the Presidential Train, which will offer an immersive journey aboard a real museum on rails. This project aims to be a living celebration of Portugal's railway history, transforming a museum piece into a dynamic and interactive experience. On board, passengers will be able to savour dishes, prepared by Chef Chakall, that reflect the rich cuisine of the Douro, with each trip featuring a main course prepared by a local chef, renowned for his speciality rather than the glamour of the restaurant. During the journey, stories will also be shared about the train, the Douro and the places the train passes through, making each journey a rich and memorable cultural experience.