CP launches Children's Passport to encourage sustainable mobility

This unprecedented action will allow children to win a double journey in an Alfa Pendular and visit the driver's cab.

CP - Comboios de Portugal's motivation for launching the Children's Passport, a new initiative in the country is to make children aware of and loyal to using the train from an early age, encouraging sustainable mobility habits,’ CP Chairman Pedro Moreira explained at the presentation of the project to mark World Children's Day at Santa Apolónia Station in Lisbon.

‘The train is one of the safest means of transport and we want families to feel at ease when choosing this mode of travel, making each journey a memorable experience. We're teaching new generations the importance of sustainability and adopting environmentally friendly practices,’ said Pedro Moreira, adding that the Children's Passport “is a way of educating and inspiring children about rail transport and its history”.

‘This is an important step for CP and we are confident that it will be a great success. We remain committed to providing a quality, safe and sustainable service for all our passengers,’ he emphasised.

The secretary of state for mobility, Cristina Pinto Dias, attended the initiative and praised the project. ‘It's important to get children on the train and we should congratulate CP for creating the conditions for young people to choose more sustainable transport,’ she said. She also described the passport as ‘a fantastic idea’, which will allow children to ‘take a dream trip and get into the cab of an Alfa Pendular’.

Prize: A double journey in an Alfa Pendular

The Children's Passport is free and aimed at all children up to the age of 12. The idea is to encourage them to discover the pleasure and advantages of travelling by train and it is available at all stations with ticket offices that are open.

When travelling on the Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Inter-Regional or Regional services, children will be able to get their passports stamped, either when they buy their tickets or by presenting them afterwards, if bought in advance or online. After 10 stamps, they win a double journey on an Alfa Pendular train, with the right to an exclusive visit to the driving cab, which promises to be a memorable experience.

This project aims to promote the train as one of the safest means of transport and to teach ypuongsters that travelling by train contributes significantly to reducing the ecological footprint. In addition, each page of the passport presents a curiosity about trains and rail transport, making every journey a learning opportunity.

‘We hope that this idea will have a positive impact on children and their families. By encouraging train use from an early age, we are building a future customer base that values the safety, sustainability and efficiency of rail transport,’ Pedro Moreira concluded.

You can download the photos here: https://we.tl/t-SU85LJgQwg