Award decision on the Negotiated Procedure with International Publication for the Purchase of 117 New Trains by CP

CP - Comboios de Portugal, E.P.E., announces the decision to award the tender for the purchase of 117 electric traction units to the Alstom Transporte S.A.U., Alstom Ferroviária Portugal, S.A. and Domingos da Silva Teixeira S.A. group.

This project will ensure the development and sustainability of the rail sector over the medium and long term, and is a fundamental milestone in the modernisation and expansion of passenger rail transport in Portugal.

The acquisition is for 62 Motor Units for the urban service and 55 Motor Units for the regional service, reflecting CP's commitment to responding to citizens' growing mobility needs with more sustainable transport solutions.

The addition of these new trains to the CP fleet represents a significant step forward in improving the efficiency, comfort and frequency of our services, making a decisive contribution to sustainable mobility and reducing the ecological footprint of national transport. CP also reaffirms its role as a leader in promoting efficient and ecologically responsible land transport for Portugal's socio-economic development.

CP thanks all those involved in this process, which began in 2021, and pledges to continue working hard to improve the services it provides to everyone who chooses the train over other means of transport.