CP recognised for its professionalism in welcoming interns

Company awarded ATEC Partnership prize

CP - Comboios de Porto has opened doors to trainees in various areas through partnerships with different training entities to meet the need for recruitment and the difficulty in attracting labour, and in a clear commitment to youth and rejuvenation of the company's staff,

This effort and support for training has now been validated with a distinction. CP was awarded the ATEC Partner Prize during the 7th edition of the ATEC Business Fair - Training Academy, held in Palmela, in recognition of how the company organises and implements internships professionally.

As part of a conference that debated the importance of the advantages of hosting trainees on internships and the importance of companies developing attractive policies to attract, retain and guarantee the trainee's commitment to the host company, the 3rd ATEC Awards were presented, with a series of distinctions aimed at honouring people and organisations that have played a vital role in the process of professional integration of the Academy's trainees.

CP was honoured for the "outstanding role it has played as a company hosting trainees and as a partner in practical training in the workplace", says ATEC.

According to Pedro Rita, Coordinating Director of Manutenção Sul, and Paulo Neves, Director of Manutenção Sul, this award "is a clear recognition of the professionalism with which the hosting of internships is conducted and realised by our company, in the particular case of the relationship between Manutenção Sul and ATEC". CP, like other large national companies, has endeavoured to be "one of the best in this field", they point out.

Maintenance and Engineering's partnership with ATEC has been consolidated over the years. Due to the greater need for recruitment and the difficulty of finding labour, "boosting these interactions greatly facilitates signalling for future recruitments," they explain.

Since 2020, CP has welcomed around 20 trainees from ATEC - both from technological specialisation courses (one year) and professional apprenticeship courses (three years) - and Barreiro Workshop also collaborates in carrying out internships from other professional training entities on the Setúbal Peninsula.

"Internships are clearly the best way to enter and join a company, validating both the trainee's vocation and the mutual interest of collaboration and permanence in the host company," said Pedro Rita and Paulo Neves.

The ATEC Business Fair aimed to strengthen the link between the Academy's trainees and the labour market. CP was represented at the event with a stand where the company's products and job opportunities were publicised.