CP has new special needs advisor

Diogo Martins is 34 years old and passionate about rail transport

CP has a new Advisor for Passengers with Special Needs. Diogo Martins, 34, signed the contract with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pedro Moreira.

His role is to advise on practices that defend and promote accessibility to our Company's services for all citizens with special needs. For the last 19 years, the position has been held by Lieutenant Colonel António Neves, who has contributed greatly to the inventory of access obstacles and helped prioritise the adoption of measures to make mobility an acquired right.

Diogo Martins, who over the last few years, since 2012, has taken part in various accessibility tests on CP rolling stock and has also attended meetings of the Advisory Council for People with Special Needs, is passionate about the railway and wants to continue this work.

"Being appointed as an Advisor for Passengers with Special Needs is very important on a personal level, as it recognises a lifetime of work dedicated to improving accessibility to public transport, but also because this is the company in which my passion for trains was born and raised. It's not just about liking trains, it's about understanding that the public transport sector, and especially the railway sector, will be essential for the future of humanity," said Diogo Martins, who wants to help make services more "accessible and inclusive".

When signing the contract, Pedro Moreira took the opportunity to address some issues of accessibility to trains and made a point of thanking Diogo Martins for his contribution in taking on this role, given his experience in the area. "We want to hold status meetings to find out what's going wrong and what other actions we can take with the aim of continually improving services," said the CP chairman.

Diogo Martins is an Ambassador for #DiversityInTransport and specialises in accessibility, particularly on trains. Over the years he has taken part in various projects, including European ones, with a view to improving services and accessibility to public transport services and promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities.