CP is sustainablility adventure partner

Climate Journey takes 12 participants around the country in 10 days.

To travel around the country in the most sustainable way possible. That's the great challenge of the Climate Journey.

The competition has already started and ends on 27 September in Cascais. In all, 12 participants, aged between 18 and 60, divided into three teams - Water, Air and Earth - are competing for a place at the United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP28, in Dubai.

CP is a partner in this adventure for sustainability and the fight against climate change. The Climate Journey is organised by Cooler World - a movement towards Carbon Neutrality created by Get2C, a consultancy specialising in climate change, in partnership with Cascais City Council and with the support of the Environmental Fund, to mobilise Portuguese society for the urgent climate transition.

This 10-day challenge will cover Portugal from north to south and will pass through Famalicão, Faro, Gouveia, Odemira, Portimão, and Viana do Castelo, ending in Cascais, where it began. The goal is to complete the route in the most sustainable way possible and with the greatest positive impact on communities. The competition is structured like a game and uses a fictitious currency - "Clima" - to manage resources and evaluate results (the currency includes four evaluations: CO2 emissions, time, water consumption and money), with various challenges in areas such as mobility, energy, water, circular economy, forests and land use or sustainable tourism. The winning team will be the one that spends the least on "Climate".

The Climate Journey project has funding from the Environmental Fund and the support of various organisations.

CP has joined this challenge as the company works every day to reduce its ecological footprint, and rail transport is increasingly seen as the most competitive and sustainable alternative in terms of mobility. Travelling with CP means making an individual contribution in the name of sustainable development since travelling by train means, among other things, less energy consumption and less pollution.