Respect the trains

When you travel by train, you are not just in the company of your parents or friends...

but also people you don't know, and who, like you have chosen to take the train. Think of them and the train staff who work every day to make your journey comfortable and safe and remember some rules you have to follow when you take the train.

The floor is for walking on and the seats are for sitting on.

Just think how nasty it would be if you got to your seat and it was all dirty because someone had put their feet there. 

There are some special passengers, you may be one of them.

Pregnant women, people with babies, the disabled and the elderly need to sit down when they travel. If the train does not have seat reservations, you could be a very special passenger if you give your seat, or ask your parents to give theirs to one of these people. 

Litter free, litter free.

Travelling by train should be fun and agreeable. What is not fun, is tripping over an empty can, slipping on a chip bag or even a banana skin. Of course you can eat on the train, but you can't leave your litter behind. Some trains have small rubbish bins, so there is no problem, otherwise take your rubbish with you in a bag to put in a bin. 

On the train, cases can come in , but they can't sit on the seats.

Cases and backpacks are essential if you are travelling, but they don't need to sit down. If you put your bag on the seat beside you, you are taking up a seat that someone else might need. Trains have places for you to store your bags, or you can keep your bag on your lap if it isn't too heavy.

“My neighbour's music isn't better than mine!”

Right, maybe it isn't. And your music is different too. You can't debate musical tastes. So don't forget to use your headphones so as not to disturb anyone else.