CP Kids trips

Have a peek at all the trips our mates in the CP KIDS class go on every year.

If for adults, a journey is just a way of getting to a destination, for the class of CP Kids, and for all children, a train journey is always a great adventure.

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Travel by train using the Children's Passport

After getting stamps for 10 journeys, you'll earn 2 journeys on the Alfa Pendular and a visit to the driving cabin!

Drive your train

All aboard the Google Train View. Come on everyone, it's really cool!

An adventure to the past in the Douro

Is it possible to travel back in time?

Come for a ride on the Vouga Historical Train

A historical train on the Vouga Line?

Coimbra University Town

I loved my last train journey. I'm now planning a day out in Coimbra, fancy coming with me?

With Family and Friends

I’ve got a great idea for a fun weekend with the family by train.

Weekend in the Algarve

Another family train trip. This time with the grandparents. We are going to the Algarve!

A trip to Porto

This time I'm off to Oporto and I dare you to come with me!

Guimarães the cradle of Portugal

I must admit I am hooked on travelling by train. The last experiences have been fantastic.

I'm going to Braga, what about you?

I am always happy to travel by train, I was born that way! Now, with these discounts, I'm setting off!

History lesson in Tomar

There is adventure in the air! And a lot of history to learn. All on a visit to the Convent of Christ in Tomar.

Discover great towns and cities

See our suggestions and tour guides for town and cities, for a great day out of fun and culture.

Portugal in Miniature

Come to Coimbra and discover somewhere designed just for you. Come and discover a world that is your size. Come on!

Travelling is good for your health and helps you grow

Fancy going on a journey? I've got a great suggestion. Why not go to Évora!

The World's Best Museum

A journey that starts in 1856. This is the time to discover the National Railway Museum.

Templars and Trains

In the one day I can go back in time to Tomar and visit my favourite museum in Entroncamento.

Good cherries from Fundão

How about taking the train and getting some cherries in Fundão? Come on!

Grape harvest in the Douro

I’m going by train to the Grape Harvest Festival at Quinta da Avessada, on the 22 and 29 of September.

Respect the trains

When you travel by train, you are not just in the company of your parents or friends...

Hi, let's go somewhere!

I'm a big fan of trains and I want to be your friend.