Virtual Journey

Discover a new way to travel with Google Train View

There is so much to discover and to see in Portugal, but you miss so much when you go by car.

This is a different way of travelling, with detail and depth and moments that are caught up in the views and inspire us. New journeys, views and horizons on five different trips to enjoy and discover at the click of a button.

See here a glimpse of what you can see for real when you go by train and the discovery will astound you. Your journey is just beginning.


Douro trainviewThe Douro is poetry in motion. The green colours drink from the river as they inspire and create a line where every bend opens up a new journey.

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Cascais trainview

Travel along Lisbon’s bluest line, where the river meets the sea to offer a new wave of marvellous views and sea breezes.

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Oeste trainviewThe greeny-blue details contrast with the line as the Oeste line charms us with its beauty. Travelling the line is a discovery all in itself.

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Sintra trainview

Sintra takes you to where the sun is intimidated with such historical and natural beauty, where the countryside carries us through warm colours and stories that warm and illuminate our soul. Seeing is believing.

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Northern trainview

Up and down the country, a journey across different temperatures connected by their beauty with the sun calling to discover new paths.

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