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We simplify your daily life with an efficient service just like you need.

We offer train networks in the large metropolitan areas of Lisbon, Oporto and Coimbra that provide sustainable mobility integrated with other forms of transport that contribute towards a better quality of life in the cities, helping to reduce road traffic.

The train times are adapted to peoples needs and the prices have various options with discounts and special offers. 


Oporto weekly pass

Unlimited travel for 7 days on the Oporto Urban Trains.

Assinaturas e Flexipasse

Qualquer que seja o seu destino diário de comboio, connosco já está a ganhar!

10 + 1 journey tickets - Oporto

These tickets let you travel on the Oporto urban trains cheaper and more conveniently.

10-journey ticket - Lisbon

Choose where you want to go on The Lisbon urban trains and travel more economically.

Children - half-price

Take the kids on a journey for half the price.

Cartão Dourado - 50% off

If you are a pensioner or retiree, travel with us at half price.

Senior citizen - 50% off

Travel up and down the country for half-price.

Vila Franca de Xira car park - Lisbon urban trains

Park your car at Vila Franca de Xira station and travel on the Lisbon urban trains.

Oporto urban trains - Car parks

Leave your car at any of the 67 car parks and get into the city in a blink of an eye.

Pass card advantages

Discover the benefits and discounts you can get by showing this card.

Navegante Card benefits

Apart from the ease of travelling by train, the Navegante card gives you discounts and benefits on shopping and services.

Bike parks

Cycle to and from the station and use one the parks we have