A trip to Porto

This time I'm off to Oporto and I dare you to come with me!

A visit to the city that gave its name to the entire country. The city of Oporto goes back to before the Romans even came here, then it was called Cale or Portus Cale. That's interesting, isn't it? It is also interesting to know that Portugal is Europe's oldest nation state.
So there are lots of reasons to get on the train and go and see this fascinating city in the north of Portugal!
As soon as we arrive at Oporto's S. Bento station we are stunned by the fabulous glazed tiles that adorn the atrium depicting all sorts of different topics but especially the progress of transports.
From here we climb up to the Clérigos tower and pop in to see the magnificent Livraria Lello bookshop. Then we go down to the riverside and we can't resist a walk across the D. Luís bridge.
Well, it's ow time for something to eat and we decide on a delicious 'francesinha', one of the world's 10 best sandwiches covered in melted cheese and spicy sauce, I'm feeling better already …
In the afternoon we decide to visit the gardens of the Casa de Serralves, how's that for an idea? Then we can go to the Casa da Música, that always has things for kids to do and it is such an amazing building. Closer to the journey date I have a quick peek to see what they have going on.
One thing is sure, and that is that we have to go to the Majestic café for afternoon teal as it is close to the station for our trip back home.

Come on! I'm counting on you.

When: Every day

Where: Oporto, the northern capital. Oporto's São Bento station is right in the city centre.

CP Special Offers: You can go by Alfa Pendular or Intercidades. Lisbon- Oporto - €9.50 € (Turística class), with advance purchases at least eight days beforehand. Make the most of the discounts we have for schools and groups.

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