Coimbra University Town

I loved my last train journey. I'm now planning a day out in Coimbra, fancy coming with me?

When I was very little, my parents took me to a park that I really loved called Portugal in Miniature. I want to to go back and see other parts of it. 
My parents talk a lot about the places they used to go when they were students. But that is our secret! They studied and started going out when they were in Coimbra, so they have very fond memories of the town. Who knows, maybe I'll go and study there too. For now,it's just a day trip on the train.

It's a great trip to do with your school class, suggest it to your teacher, because there are discounts if you go by train.
Here are some tips for your journey.

I am thinking starting the visit with the Sta Cruz church, the old cathedral and the Machado de Castro museum and faculty. I am really interested in the faculty and the library because apart from being one of the world's oldest universities it is also a reference at home.
I want to have lunch at the Café Restaurante de Sta Cruz (where you can hear the “thousand and one” serenades played and sung by students.
Next we are going to see Portugal in Miniature, have some fun and feel all grown-up for a while, do you why why? Because there are replicas of traditional Portuguese houses on a miniature scale.
Then there is nothing better to finish a trip to Coimbra than a visit to the famous Pastelaria Briosa. I've heard that they have so many things to eat that it is difficult to chose. I am thinking of some Sta Clara pastries and other sweets to keep me company on the way home …      

When: Every day. 

Where: In Coimbra, Coimbra A station is right in the town centre. 

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