Discount train journeys for children

We can also help you with the maths and our discounts, the sums are subtraction.

See the selection we have made thinking about your journeys with children. See other discounts.

Did you know that children and grandparents get to travel for half price? Did you know you could travel as a group on the urban trains for just €2? Did you know that travelling as a family is not just good fun, it is also half price for everyone?
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There are more and more reasons that unite us!
Thinking of the children, we offer half-price on all journeys.

This makes train journeys cheaper, safer and more ecological.

See all the conditions here.

Don't miss the chance to visit your grandchildren, to go on a train ride and have time to share some stories, all for half price so the teatime will be great!

See all the conditions here.

Do you like to go for trips with your family? Kimboy has some suggestions, ideas for activities to learn and explore, places to go and visit. We offer half price at the weekends and public holidays.

Travel, have fun and discover new places, customs and tastes. See some suggestions for your outings here.

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For the best field trips yet, we are offering €2 return journeys on the Lisbon urban trains, for groups of at least 15 people and on the Oporto urban trains, for at least 10. Choose the service you want and click for further details about the advantages of the €2 ticket.

We also offer special conditions if you want to travel in a group of more than 10 people on the other CP services. Book your journey now.