CP Youth pass

Under 25? 25% off.

What is it?
Youths aged 25 or under can get 25% off the price of normal monthly passes for the Lisbon, Oporto and Coimbra urban trains, as well as the Regional and InterRegional services and off the price of the Flexipasse for the Regional and Intercidades trains.

With the CP Youth Pass for the Lisbon urban trains, you just have to travel 8 days and you are already saving. It can be bought any day of the month and it is valid for unlimited journeys over 30 consecutive days starting on the purchase date or any other date chosen when you buy it for it to start in the 8 days after the purchase date.

In the case of the Oporto urban trains, you just have to travel 9 days to start saving. You can get a fixed pass (valid for one calendar month) or a flexible one (valid until the same day the next month). They are both valid for unlimited journeys.

On the Regional/InterRegional and Coimbra urban trains, you just have to travel for 12 days with the Flexipasse to start saving money.

They are available for the following lengths of time:

  • One calendar month, on sale from the 21st of the month before.
  • 60 consecutive days*;
  • 90 consecutive days*.

*On sale any day of the month to start being valid up to 10 days later.
*The 60-day Flexipasse costs twice the amount of a on-month pass.
*The 90-day Flexipasse has a 15% discount on one of the 3 Flexipasse that are included.

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The cards for the CP youth passes and Flexipasse Jovem passes can be requested from ticket offices if you produce the following documents:

  • Official ID with proof of age: Citizen's card, ID card, driving licence or passport.
  • One original, colour passport photograph.
  • Complete the requisition form (except for the Oporto urban trains):
    • Lisboa Viva card or CP Card for the Lisbon urban passes (normal Lisboa Viva card costs €7 and normal CP card €6).
    • CP electronic pass card for Oporto urban passes (normal card costs €6).
    • CP card for the Coimbra urban passes, Regional/InterRegional and Flexipasse passes (normal card costs €6)
  • If you have a Lisboa Viva Normal and want to get a CP youth pass, you don't need to request a new card. All you have to do is go to one of the Customer Assistance Offices in Rossio or Cais do Sodré and change the profile on your card. This is only possible for Lisboa Viva cards that were issued by CP, not those issued by any other operators.

You can use your card for buying a CP Youth Pass on the Lisbon or Oporto urban trains as long as it is valid.

Following the entry into force of the Navegante Metropolitano and Navegante Municipal passes, if you fall into the profiles 4_18 (for non-tertiary students) or sub 23 (for university students) and intend to use these discounts, you must make a new Lisboa Viva Card, with the profile 4_18 or Sub23, depending on your case.

If you have a CP Youth Pass for the Coimbra, Regional, InterRegional trains or a Flexipasse CP Youth Pass you have to have a CP Card.

Lisbon urban passes - ticket offices, ticket vending machines and Multibanco (cash dispensers - ATM).

Oporto urban passes - ticket offices, ticket vending machines and payshop agents.

Coimbra urban passes, Regional/InterRegional passes and Flexipasse - ticket offices.

Lisbon urban trains

Notes: prices in euros including VAT

Price - 25% discount

30 days

Price - 25% discount

60 days 

Pass - 1 zone 21.85 43.65
Pass - 2 zones 23.25 46.50


Oporto urban trains

Notes: prices in euros including VAT
Zones Prices
1 and 2 25.10
3 30.50
4 34.95
5 40.30
6 45.70
7 51.10
8 55.60
9 60.95
10 66.30
11 70.80
12 76.15
13 81.55
14 86.95
15 91.45
16 96.80
17 102.15

Coimbra urban trains


Regionais e InterRegionais