Siga Card occasional journeys

A practical solution for travelling on the Oporto urban trains ocassionally.

The Siga card is reusable and has contactless technology to carry up to 31 single tickets that can be used in either direction.

It is valid for one person only on each journey and to encourage passengers to reuse it, it costs €0.50 which is nor refundable.

Regardless of the kind of ticket, passengers must validate the card at the beginning of every journey unless they are simply changing trains. The card must be validated no more than 15 minutes before the train is due to leave.

CP Services: Porto urban trains

You can load tickets onto your card at ticket offices or vending machines.

Do not throw your reusable card out, keep it for future use.

This card only lets you load one kind of ticket and route at a time so you cannot load a new kind of ticket until the old ones have all been used. So, for instance, if you have loaded a full-price ticket for the journey between Oporto São Bento - Ermesinde, you cannot load half-price tickets for the same journey until you have used the full-price one.

The Siga card is valid for a year after it is bought. After the validity period, the cards cannot be topped up buy any tickets on them can still be used for another 12 months.

The validity period is not visible on the card but it is recorded in the chip, which can be read at any CP ticket office.

Passengers must keep their card in a good state of repair and keep it until they leave the station.

The cards have an electronic circuit inside them which needs to be cared for, so do not twist or fold the card, expose it to high or low temperatures or stick other products on them except for the “transport stamp”. They should not be exposed to electric or electromagnetic effects, scraped, scratched or dampened. 

The card is guaranteed for 2 years after being issued, against electric faults or factory defects so CP will refund your deposit if the card is in a good state of repair:

I using a card reader or it has been validated within the past 15 minutes, it will be swapped immediately.
Otherwise the balance will be transferred to a new card seven days after the anomaly was reported.