CP Card

Lots of different CP tickets on one card.

A CP Card is a personal, inalienable contactless card that lets you load various CP tickets at the same time covering different routes and services depending on your requirements.

The CP card is obligatory for passengers with CP Regional, InterRegional Pass, Coimbra urban train Pass and Flexipass and since 1 August 2017 for new Oporto urban train passengers.

CP Services: Intercidades | Regional and InterRegional | Lisbon urban trains | Porto urban trains | Coimbra urban trains

  • You will always be able to change where you are going from and to, without having to change your card;
  • No longer is one single route associated with the pass card;
  • You can put more than one CP ticket on the same card;
  • Any route alterations come into effect when you buy your pass or load a new ticket onto the card.

NormalJovem4_18 and Sub23:

  • CP Regional and InterRegional passes;
  • Flexipasse;
  • CPmais;
  • CP pass for the Coimbra urban trains;
  • CP Pass for the Porto urban trains;
  • CP single tickets for the Porto urban trains
  • CP pass for the Lisbon urban trains*.

Sub 18+TP e Estudante Sub 23+TP:

  • CP pass for the Coimbra urban trains;
  • CP Pass for the Porto urban trains

You can also load the national Rail Pass

*It is not possible to put inter-modal multi-operator tickets such as CP/Metro, Navegante, etc on this card. So Lisboa Viva card holders who want to change over to the CP Card can only transfer their CP Pass.

You can request a CP Card from any CP ticket office, if you show the following documents:

  • Card - €6.00;
  • Free passes for pupils and students (Sub 18+TP e Student Sub 23+TP card) - €3.00.