Reusable cards - Navegante ocasional

The reusable "Navegante ocasional" card containing contactless technology, that allows access to various operators in the Lisbon Metropolitan area. The card can be topped up with single tickets and multiple tickets from each operator.

CP Services: Lisbon urban trains

  • The "Navegante ocasional" card is the CP support for tickets.
  • It is only valid for one person on each journey.
  • You can top it up with various journeys to be used on CP at ticket offices or ticket vending machines and just validate the journeys at the card readers or access gates before each journey.
  • This card lets you load just one kind of ticket at a time, so you cannot load new tickets if there are any valid tickets still on the card. Therefore, for instance, if you have loaded 10 Metro journeys onto the card, you cannot put CP tickets until all the metro tickets have been used.
  • All tickets have to be validated before boarding your train at the card readers of the access gates.
  • After validating a ticket on the Navegante ocasional card, do not conduct any other operations with the card, such as buying more tickets, as this can cancel the previous validation.
  • Keep your receipt until the ticket is no longer valid.
  • You can buy your ticket for the Sintra, Cascais, Azambuja and Sado lines at all stations from ticket offices or ticket vending machines before boarding.

Do not throw away your Navegante ocasional card, because:

  • it is reusable. Keep it for future journeys;
  • it is valid for 1 year.

The reusable Navegante ocasional card costs €0.50 over and above the cost of your ticket and is valid for 1 year. 

We exchange a failed card with a new one during the 1-year warranty so long as:

  • you prove you bought the card from CP by presenting the original receipt;
  • the failed card is in a good state of repair.

1 zone

2 zones 


3 zones

4 zones 

5 zones 


6 zones

7 zones

8 zones

Excess journey  2h30
Zapping  2h00

Maximum time to end your journey. In the last 30 minutes you can only leave the stations. 

Passengers coming from Sintra/Azambuja and Cascais line stations going to Sado line stations and vice versa, an extra hour is added to the journey time except for the following tickets: excess journey and zapping. When changing from a northern bank line to a southern bank line or vice versa, whenever possible in stations without access gates, we advise you to validate your ticket again so as to take into account the added hour.

On the journey excesses, the time begins to count from the time it is purchased as it does not need to be validated.