Weekend in the Algarve

Another family train trip. This time with the grandparents. We are going to the Algarve!

We board the Alfa Pendular early in the morning to get to Faro quickly and have all the day to enjoy ourselves.
I have been to Faro before, but it was different because we went by car. The train window is huge and it is great to see the countryside, they say it is very beautiful. 
In the morning we are going to visit the Old Town, that my grandparents know a lot about and I like to learn like that, where I can see and hear what they are talking about. I am going to visit the Municipal Museum, the Archway, the town hall and the outside of the cathedral. Did you know that Faro used to be a very important town? Well it was! Because of its location it was an important trading centre and harbour in the 15th and 16th centuries. This enabled it to build important monuments. Unfortunately, very few are left nowadays following the invasion by the English, and then later by the earthquake of 1755. 
We are going to have fish for lunch in the little restaurant my grandparents have been going to for 50 years and that I love because it has really big tanks for the shellfish with their little eyes on sticks looking back at us.
The afternoon is going to be in contact with nature. A traditional boat trip on the beautiful canals of the Ria Formosa, to smell the sea air, see the marshes, the salt pans, watch the native birds and even see some flamingoes if we are lucky.
There is nothing better to end a visit to Faro than something sweet. I am going to buy a box of D. Rodrigos, One of the Algarve's most typical sweets. They are so good! My Mum is going to love them!    

When: Every day.

Where: In Faro, the train station is near the centre of the old town.

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