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Fancy going on a journey? I've got a great suggestion. Why not go to Évora!

Did you know that Évora is the only Portuguese member of the the Most Ancient European Towns Network?

And that the large number of monuments the town has led to its classification as UNESCO World Heritage? That it is considered to be “the best example of a Portuguese Golden Age town after the destruction of Lisbon in 1755”... You how that!!!
I am so excited about the trip and I already have a date in my diary to visit this magnificent town with my parents. We are going by train and we are preparing the visit.
Once we get to Évora station, we are going to walk to the town centre, Praça do Giraldo. Then we have divided the morning and afternoon visits into the Roman and Moorish zones. 
On the way back we will stop to get some of the traditional convent sweets such as the famous Évora 'queijadas and the Pão de Rala. My grandparents are going to be delighted with the sweets that I am going to bring them. And I think I won't be able to resist and my snack is going to be very sweet too, … come on!

When: Every day.

Where: In Évora, the train station is about 1 kilometre from the town centre.

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