Templars and Trains

In the one day I can go back in time to Tomar and visit my favourite museum in Entroncamento.

I am really excited about this CP programme.
Tell my Dad it is really well organised as in the one day we can visit the Convent of Christ in Tomar and the Railway Museum, all at a nice price.
I am so much looking forward to them booking a date for this visit.
I have been reading lots of stuff about the history of the Convent of Christ and the castle, which were built by the Knights Templar in the early days of Portugal's history and that have been classified as UNESCO World Heritage.
At the National railway Museum, we can go back on a journey lasting 160 years. There are coaches, pictures and things that help us picture what it must have been like then.
Come on! Challenge your family and friends to spend an enriching day out. 

Where: In Tomar and Entroncamento - Tomar station is just a 10-minute walk from the Convent of Christ and Entroncamento station is right beside the museum. 

When: visit the museum site to see the opening times and other details.

CP Special Offers: Special prices for adults, children and senior citizens. See all about the programme here. 

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