Portugal in Miniature

Come to Coimbra and discover somewhere designed just for you. Come and discover a world that is your size. Come on!

Come to Coimbra and discover somewhere designed just for you, where the castles, churches and statues are almost your size. And where the houses from all the different part of Portugal have been built in miniature, so small that you barely fit in the house, as if you were a giant. Then there are also rooms where you can get to know other countries where they also speak Portuguese such as Angola, Mozambique or East Timor, and other that have been connected to Portugal for over 500 years such as Macao and the Indian cities of Goa, Daman and Diu.
Portugal in miniature Portugal also offers lots of special activities, workshops, guided tours and exhibitions in its three museums: Costume, Navy and Furniture. The costume museum contains hand-made clothes from the 1950s that were donated to Portugal in Miniature.

Where: Portugal in Miniature, Coimbra

When: Whenever you fancy…

How to get there: Coimbra-B and Coimbra Cidade stations

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