Hi, let's go somewhere!

I'm a big fan of trains and I want to be your friend.

My mother says I have loved trains ever since I was a baby. I don't remember of course. But she remembers my first train journey very well. I was only one year old. Before we got on the train I was crying and crying. Maybe I was sleepy or something ... but when the train started moving I began to laugh.

But I only only think about trains. I also like to read stories. Adventure and detective stories. I like playing football and playing on my skate, riding my bike, listening to music, playing computer games, surfing the net, watching 3D films and, of course, taking the train.

Look, take a wander round my site. But don't go too fast or you won't be able to read the stories, see the trips and great sites to visit...

I have lots of stuff for you to have fun. Even I haven't seen it all yet. So you can think of me as a train detective trying to discover all the secrets.

Have a good journey!