With Family and Friends

I’ve got a great idea for a fun weekend with the family by train.

Do you enjoy going on train journeys with your parents and friends? Journeys you will always remember because of the good times or a new story and discovering new places, other customs, other tastes …I think you do! So you are going to appreciate these journeys. 
I am proposing unforgettable weekends with a taste of holidays. You can plan them in advance at great prices! Don’t miss this chance to travel by train pleasantly and enjoy yourself. 
Come on!

When: Every weekend on Oporto urban trains and from October to April , on weekends, on Alfa Pendular and Intercidades.

Where: On designated CP services

CP Special Offers: 50% off if you buy a Family & Friends ticket, see all the information here.


CP Services: Alfa Pendular | Intercidades | Porto urban trains