An adventure to the past in the Douro

Is it possible to travel back in time?

I say it is.

Here's a challenge for you to plan a journey this summer, on an “old” train which travels alongside the Douro River banks.

I will go with my parents and friends. They’re super excited since it’s their very first time on this train, not to mention my dog (I found out it loves to travel).

I’m pretty sure this will turn out to be a fun journey for all of us.

Grab your sunglasses, camera and comfortable clothes.

Prepare yourself for lots of energy, friendliness and a bunch of selfies!

When:  until October 28th

            Saturdays – between June 2nd an October 27th of 2018;

            Sundays – between June 3rd to October 28th of 2018.

Where: On the Douro River, between Régua/Tua/Régua. 

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