An adventure to the past in the Douro

Is it really possible to time travel?

I say it is.

Here's a dare for the next year to plan to come with me on a trip between the months of June and October. 

As soon as I hear about the programme, I'll let you know, pay attention now. 
But take a note of it in your diary anyway, see you soon, the challenge is out there:
Challenge your parents and grandparents to take you on this journey full of experiences and beautiful scenery. Grab your sunglasses, camera, comfortable clothes and let the Historical train carry you back on a journey along side the banks of the river Douro. Experience a unique moment on board this fantastic train.

We dare you to have a great day out, CP has everything programmed. You can come from anywhere in the country on the Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional services and the Oporto urban trains
Come on! 

When:  Saturdays between June and October.

Where: The river Douro between Régua and Tua. 

CP Special offers: Special conditions if you show your ticket.