Travel by train using the Children's Passport

After getting stamps for 10 journeys, you'll earn 2 journeys on the Alfa Pendular and a visit to the driving cabin!

If you are up to 12 years old, when you arrive at your destination after your next train journey, go to the ticket office, ask for your Children's Passport, and get your journey stamped. You must be accompanied by an adult who is your father or mother, the person you travelled with.

When you have collected10 stamps in your passport, you win 1 one-way ticket for a child + 1 one-way ticket for an adult, in Tourist Class on the Alfa Pendular, to the destination of your choice, and with the right to an exclusive visit to the driving cab!

Important notes:

  • the Children's Passport is free of charge;
  • tickets with a child discount on Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional and InterRegional trains are taken into account when filling in the passport;
  • if your ticket is digital, you must present the PDF of the ticket in your name at the ticket office to get the stamp. SMS will not work:
  • you have 5 working days after the end of the journey to ask for the stamp at the ticket office;
  • a return ticket is considered as one ticket, so only 1 stamp is awarded;
  • the visit to the Alfa Pendular's driving cab can only take place before the train istarts its journey), or after it arrives (as long as you don't disturb the crew). The adult you are travelling with must tell the ticket inspector that you want to visit the cabin;
  • your passport is personal and non-transferable, you cannot lend it to another child.

Important note: when you travel by train you are reducing your ecological footprint and contributing to a healthier world for everyone: people, animals, oceans, plants, the whole Earth!

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