Tax receipt

Find out about the procedures to get a receipt/simplified receipt for income tax purposes.

If you want a receipt (for amounts equal to or over €100) or simplified receipt (for amounts up to €100) with the VAT number to benefit from the deduction of VAT for personal income tax (individuals) or for VAT purposes (companies and self-employed), you must ensure you enter the details at the time of purchase and always before making the payment so that this information appears on the document issued by CP.

In addition to the tax number, the invoice may contain the name and address.

When you receive the receipt/simplified receipt, you should immediately check if the details on it are correct.

If you want a receipt for a Porto Urban Trains ticket purchased from the Vending Machines or on board, you must select one of the following options:

The receipt can be issued until 10 days after the date of the sale.
This information may take up to 5 days to be issued and is available for the following 5 days.

The Viva portal manages ATM top-ups of the Navegante card.
If you want your top-up to be available on the e-invoice portal, you must choose the option 'simplified invoice with tax number'.
This top-up will remain in your e-invoice portal under 'OTHERS', and you must change it manually to 'TRANSPORT'.

If it is impossible to insert the tax number when purchasing the train ticket or pass for reasons attributable to CP, you have 10 working days to request a simplified receipt/receipt with your tax number by filling in the "Replacement receipt" form, which can be handed in at any CP station or Customer Assistance Office, with the original document.

Alternatively, you can make the request by email to or in the case of Porto Urban tickets (purchased at stations, vending machines and on board trains), scanning the "Invoice Replacement" model and the Invoice/Simplified Invoice.

The new receipt/simplified receipt will be sent to the address you indicate on the "Replacement receipt" form.

If you lose the original receipt, you can ask for a duplicate.

The duplicate is exactly like the original, and it is impossible to change any data.

You must make the request by filling in "Form E" and delivering it to any station or CP Customer Assistance Office. The duplicate can be picked up 10 working days after the request.

Alternatively, you can make the request by email to or in the case of Porto urban tickets (purchased in the stations, vending machines and on board the trains), scanning "Form E". The 2nd copy will sent the same way.

Duplicates are not accepted for exchange or refund purposes.