Bike and scooter transport

Check the transport conditions of bikes and scooters on board our trains.

Apart from the special conditions that apply to each service, bike and scooter transport on CP has to meet the following conditions:

  • each customer can only take one bike or scooter;
  • CP is not liable for any damage caused to the bikes and scooters, and/or third parties during the journey;
  • the bike owners are responsible for putting the bikes and scooters on and off the trains;
  • the bikes and scooters must be transported so as not to block the doors or to hinder other passengers boarding or disembarking;
  • customers may not ride their bikes or scooters in stations, concourse underpasses or overpasses;
  • transport is only allowed on the permitted services and carriages;
  • the ticket inspector may refuse the transport when, given the number of passengers on the train, bikes or scooters could cause danger or damage to the train or injure people or when it could disturb normal service;
  • outsized bikes (e.g. long bike or tandems) are not allowed;
  • electric bikes are allowed (maximum power of 0.25 kW), so long as their size/space (not considering the battery) are similar to normal bikes;
  • bikes can only be carried under normal circulation conditions. This does not include replacement bus services or similar. 

Bikes and scooters can be transported so long as they are disassembled and properly packed as luggage that is no larger than fits in the luggage rack or under the seats, the space corresponding to the seats you have the right to, maximum one piece of luggage per person. This transport is free. 

The transport of bicycles and scooters is free of charge.

Scooters may be transported provided that they are disassembled and properly stowed as luggage and do not exceed, in the luggage compartment or under the seats, the space corresponding to the seats to which they are entitled, up to a maximum of one item per passenger.

Lisbon – Oporto / Guimarães / Braga / Viana do Castelo, Beira Alta, Beira Baixa, Alentejo (Lisbon Oriente / Évora) and Sul Intercidades trains

The 2nd class carriages on these trains have proper supports for traditional bikes, allowing 2 bikes to be taken in each carriage.


  • Only one bike per passenger;
  • The bike must weigh 15kg or less;
  • The carriage of bicycles is limited to the space available - places 15 and 17 in the 2nd class carriages on the northern line Intercidades Lisbon-Oporto/Guimarães/Braga/Viana do castelo and places 12 and 18 in the 2nd class carriages on the Beira Alta, Alentejo Lisbon Oriente/Évora and Sul line trains. If these places are not available, only bikes than can be folded or disassembled and stored as hand luggage can be carried. No more than one bike per person.
  • Transport is free in any case.

Sales channels:

The transport of bicycles and scooters is free of charge. On the platform before boarding, go to the ticket inspector, who must issue the ticket (the passenger's) and say whether the bike can go on board as the space is limited depending on the kind of rolling stock.

There are temporary restrictions on bikes and scooters on the Regional and InterRegional trains.

It is advisable to use the carriages and spaces indicated on the regional trains.

Bike transport is free every day and at all times on the Lisbon and Oporto urban trains on all lines. 

You can also leave your bike at one of the bike parks at the stations on the Sintra, Cascais, Azambuja, Sado, Aveiro, Braga, Guimarães and Marco lines.

Free scooter transport is also permitted on the Oporto Urban Trains, in accordance with the general conditions.

Bikes can be taken for free but are only allowed in sleeping compartments and no more than two per compartment on the condition that the compartment is sold as a family room and the bikes are properly packed and measure no more than 1.20x0.90 m. 

Bikes can be carried so long as they are disassembled and properly packed so they can be taken as hand luggage, only one per passenger and the do not measure more than 120x90x40 cm.

Bikes can also be taken for free if they are not dissembled, one per passenger and a maximum of three per train. This transport is limited to the available space on the train, so it is the ticket collector who says whether you can take your bike and who issues the ticket.