Culinary circuits of Portugal

This is where you can follow a calendar of culinary festivals up and down the country that you can always get to by train.

This culinary tour of Portugal, unveils some ancient knowledge, habits, customs and most of all, unique opportunities to travel and discover the country from the train. Whether you come with family or friends, start enjoying yourselves on the journey and then, after a hearty meal, stretch back and enjoy the trip back home.

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These specialised markets are held in Cascais town market, as part of a project covering the renovation and economic development of the market, which lies 300 metres from Cascais train station. Free admission.


The Caldas de Aregos multiuse pavilion stages the 'Festa das Cavacas' every year. The town hall uses this stage to call attention to these local delicacies and no festivity in this part of the country would hold its head up without lots of traditional music. Come and enjoy this festival in one of the most beautiful setting on the south bank of the Douro.

Take the Regional or InterRegional train up the Douro line to Aregos. There is a ferry that shuttles you back and forth across the river to Caldas de Aregos.

Dates and times
The festival is held in March.

The XVIII Cherry Festival will take place on June 1 and 2 in Resende.

Come and try the first cherries of the year, enjoy the special prices and several cultural and recreational attractions regarding cherries. Always with plenty of music, the Festival culminates in the amazing thematic parade on Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy our travel benefits and go to Erminda by train, where you will find a road transfer to Resende.

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Resende village is about 5km from the Ermida station. The connection is free of charges and will be done by the City Council buses.






The Port Wine Fest is held in Vila Nova de Gaia and brings together Port and cuisine against a stunning backdrop where you can attend various events such as Commented Tasting, Unexpected Wine Experts, Chef Cook-offs and many other surprises. 

Dates and times
The festival is held in July

The Dão Wine Fair is the main event in the Dão Wine Demarcated Region. It is a space for wine lovers and producers to meet and there is an exhibition of other regional products and tastings, wine tastings by well-known sommeliers, tasting of local Serra da Estrela cheese, olive oil, honey and chocolate, live cooking sessions for adults and children's cooking, alerting them to the benefits of a healthy diet. There is also lots of high quality entertainment along with fun and sports events, including children's entertainment, parades, jugglers, football tournaments, BTT marathon and local musicians and singers. Come to Nelas station and enjoy the tastings.

Dates and times
The festival is held in September.

There are the days of festivities celebrating soups of all kinds and where coking is based around the history of a preserved rural village and the beauty of the natural scenery.

The atmosphere is warmed with special entertainment, dance and music workshops and a fair of handicrafts and local products that remind us of the smells, the life and the soul of times gone by.

The organisers lay on free transfers between Recarei-Sobreira station and the venue.

Dates and times
The festival is held in September.

The Armamar Apple Fair is the ideal place to buy delicious apple at special prices and there is a wide range of activities and stands with representatives from the region's industry and agriculture along with entertainment from local musical groups.

Come by Regional train to Régua. The town council lays on buses to get you to Armamar and back.

Dates and Times
The festival is held in October.