Love on board

A journey we’ll remember for a long time.

I woke up with a start ... I didn't understand why Vasco was already up, so excited ... The only thing he said was, "Get up, we're late."

In the meantime I realised, that he had already prepared me a mini bag and minutes later we were going to Lisbon - Oriente train station. More awake now, I asked him where we were going and he just said "you do not want me to ruin the surprise for you ..." he sounded kind of nervous. After an hour, we reached Régua. I thought, “I’ve got it! We’re going to spend a weekend with my aunt and uncle who live nearby! But quickly I understood it wasn’t that because we were heading into a hotel. He only told me that he had got a good discount and we were going to enjoy strolling around there for the rest of the day. The next day we visited the Douro Museum in the morning, but after lunch, we went back to Régua station. I wasn’t getting it (for a change ...). Were we going home already? My thoughts were interrupted by the thundering sound of an old locomotive. It seemed that suddenly we had turned back in time, or unintentionally, we had invaded the recording of a film. I look at Vasco and smiling he said: "Do you like it?" Do I like it?! I Love it! (The surprise, finally!). Apparently, he had everything planned and he explained that CP has "Packs" for people who are not from the area and that the "Centre Pack" with the all-in-one ticket plus the hotel discount had been really cheap. The incredible landscape that is so inspiring began passing the window and suddenly we stopped being just Joana and Vasco, a loving couple, and we became a passionate lady and a beard and top hat gentleman. It was a real trip back in time! It didn’t take long before the entertainment came to our carriage. A group of "traditional musicians" invaded the carriage with a tambourine and called us to dance at the sound of the accordion and ukulele. The drums lady suddenly stops playing and turned to me. I thought she was going to ask me to sing, but she pulled my hand and said with a smile on her face, "My dear, I think that young pretty man wants to tell you something ..." I turned back and saw Vasco, knees on the floor with a ring on his left hand (THIS was the real surprise!!!). I think you already know the end of the story, we went back home at the end of the best two days of my life ... Oh, and I said "YESSSSSSS!"

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