Vouga historical train

The Vouga historical train runs between Aveiro and Macinhata do Vouga from June to October.

Get carried away by time on this journey along the only narrow gauge line in operation in Portugal and board one of the five carriages from the early years of the 20th century, towed by the historical diesel locomotive 9004.

The Vouga historic train will take you from Aveiro to Macinhata do Vouga, where you can visit the Macinhata do Vouga Railway Museum and, on the return journey, enjoy the opportunity to visit the old centre of Águeda.

Note: As soon as possible we will publish information about the 2023 edition.

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  • Leave Aveiro at 13:50 and arrive at Macinhata do Vouga at 15:00;
  • Entertainment at the Macinhata do Vouga railway station with a local traditional music and singing group and a display of regional products
  • Visit to the  of Macinhata do Vouga railway museum.


  • Leave Macinhata do Vouga at 16:25;
  • Stop of approximately 90 minutes in Águeda with a guided visit to the old centre of the city, the riverside area and various traditional shopping areas, where you can appreciate the regional gastronomy and the typical traditional sweets of Águeda.
  • Possibility of visiting "AgitÁgueda" and the "Umbrella Sky" project when this event takes place.
  • Leave Águeda at 18:18 and arrival iback n Aveiro at 19:00.

As soon as possible we will publish information about the 2023 edition.

We will publish information about the 2023 edition as soon as possible.

Note: Although only the ticket only shows the information on the outward journey, the ticket is valid for the return with the same carriage and seat.

Special conditions if you show your ticket

  • Accommodation: 15% off the best rate of the day (cannot be used in conjunction with other offers) if you show your ticket at Meliã Ria Aveiro Hotel &Spa.

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