Online ticket office terms and conditions

At the Online Ticket Office, you can get your ticket for the Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional, InterRegional, Coimbra Urban Trains and an add-on to a journey on the Oporto Urban Trains, up to 60 days in advance or just 15 minutes before the train departs from its departing station, and benefit from several discounts and special offers.

Before buying the tickets, check the Information and Traffic Changes.


  • Name:  CP - COMBOIOS DE PORTUGAL, E.P.E. (hereinafter referred to as "CP")
  • Head Office: Calçada Do Duque, 20, 1200-433 Lisbon
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  • Telephone: 808 109 110. (hereinafter the "Website") is registered under the ".PT Registration Rules" with legal deposit no. 376640/14, and is the property of CP - COMBOIOS DE PORTUGAL, E.P.E. (hereinafter "CP"), a legal person governed by public law, with its registered office at Calçada do Duque, 20, 1249-109 Lisbon, with the single registration and legal person number 500 498 601, and statutory capital of €3,959,489,351.01 (three billion, nine hundred and fifty-nine million, four hundred and eighty-nine thousand, three hundred and fifty-one euros and one cent). 

You can obtain further information about the Website from our Legal Notice.

These Terms and Conditions of the Online ticket office apply to the use of the Website by its visitors (hereinafter the "Visitors") and any transaction of a commercial nature they carry out through purchases made via the Website. 

Any booking made through the Website implies the Visitor’s acceptance of the Online Ticket Office's Terms and Conditions. 

CP reserves the right to change these Online Ticket Office Terms and Conditions without prior notice, and any changes will be published on "". Changes to the Online Ticket Office Terms and Conditions will only apply to purchases made from the day after the date of their publication on "".

The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the Website's contents without the prior written authorisation of CP is prohibited for any purpose other than strictly personal use. 

CP reserves the right to change the information and any commercial offer relating to transport tickets, prices, special offers, commercial conditions and services at any time. These changes will only apply to transport tickets purchased after their publication on the Website and will not affect any purchases in progress. 

It is expressly forbidden for any entity to publish hyperlinks and/or linksto theWebsite, regardless of the intended purpose, without prior authorisation from CP. Using the Website domain for abusive purposes without prior authorisation will result in CP taking appropriate legal action. If you find hyperlinks on other sites that allow you to access the Website, note that CP has no responsibility for the origin of the page in question or its content. 

CP expressly rejects any liability for adverts and advertising campaigns that use CP's brands unless carried out by entities duly authorised. 

CP's approach to Visitors is based on contact through the institutional channels created for this purpose and duly publicised on the Website.

 If you suspect the fraudulent nature of any interaction using the name of CP - COMBOIOS DE PORTUGAL, E.P.E., or CP's brands, the Visitor that this action is addressed to should not, under any circumstances, access, confirm or provide their personal data, including their bank details, nor should they subscribe to any service offered to them. CP recommends that you do not click on any hyperlinks and that you do not access any external websites. If you have any doubts about the veracity of a communication that refers to the names CP - COMBOIOS DE PORTUGAL, E.P.E., or CP brands, you should contact us using the contact details provided for this purpose on the website. 

CP will take all necessary and appropriate measures to deal with any abusive use of its industrial property rights (including, but not limited to, the brand, logo and trade name), good name and reputational image to protect its interests. 

All contractual information, article information, e-mail notifications, and booking formalisations are written in Portuguese, although the same information may be presented in other languages.

Intellectual property is used in these Online Ticketing Terms and Conditions to cover the concepts of ownership of copyright and related rights and industrial property. 

The content of the texts, comments, works, illustrations, works and images reproduced or represented on the Website are duly protected by the respective copyrights. As such, their use will only be authorised for private purposes, notwithstanding more restrictive provisions, all under the Code of Copyright and Related Rights. Any total or partial reproduction or representation of the Website, as well as of the elements contained therein, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited under penalty of recourse to the legally appropriate means against anyone acting in the terms described. 

Trademarks, company names and any distinctive signs appearing on the Website are protected under the terms of the legal provisions applicable to industrial property. The total or partial reproduction or representation of these distinctive signs is strictly prohibited and requires prior written authorisation from the respective owners. 

CP only uses the protected rights of third parties (brands, names, logos or company and service names) with the authorisation of their owner.

CP is not liable for damages arising from any interference, interruptions, computer viruses, breakdowns or disconnections of the operating system or any other computer failure resulting from a force majeure event that may temporarily prevent Visitors from accessing, browsing or purchasing transport tickets. 

CP is not responsible for situations of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure resulting from unforeseen events or natural forces beyond human control that cannot be avoided or situations that make it impossible to fulfil the service that cannot reasonably be attributed or attributable to CP, namely natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, epidemics, among others. Whenever this occurs, CP will take the appropriate and necessary measures to inform Visitors immediately as soon as it becomes aware of the circumstances and foreseeable consequences of this impossibility.

Visitors undertake to comply with and respect this Legal Notice, in particular: 

a) To refrain from introducing, storing or disseminating through the website defamatory, obscene, insulting, xenophobic and/or any other type of content that violates the general principles of law and public order;

b) To keep and not disclose their password for entering the reserved area of the Website to prevent third parties from accessing their account, which is personal and non-transferable;

c) Not to use false identities;

d) To provide the correct personal data so that CP can process it appropriately when necessary;

e) Visitors are expressly prohibited from transmitting messages or information that are insulting, misleading, defamatory, obscene or that in any way violate the rights of third parties, as well as making available any information that may be harmful to third parties, the owner of the Website, or the entity that operates it

CP reserves the right to delete the account of Visitors who fail to fulfil any of the aforementioned Obligations.

Visitors are responsible for the veracity of the data they send CP and undertake to communicate any changes through the channels provided on the Website.

You can consult CP's Privacy Policy regarding processing personal data within the scope of the Website at Private policy.

CP uses cookies or other files with similar functionality on its website. You can find additional information about them at Cookies policy.

The purchase of train tickets requires Visitors to register on the Website by filling in a form provided for this purpose. 

Visitors must follow all the steps of the purchase, whose screens are displayed throughout the procedure. 

Visitors must expressly accept these Online Ticket Office Terms and Conditions for the booking request to be duly validated. Otherwise, the services cannot be provided. CP keeps a copy of the data to prove the contractual relationship. CP will store the electronic documents used to formalise the contract. This data will only be kept for purposes associated with commercial transactions between the parties and, possibly, for profiling purposes if the Visitor has consented to this effect. 

Once the purchase procedure has been completed, the Visitor can consult the information needed to make the journey:

  • In the PDF sent by email;
  • In the SMS, if they have requested it;
  • In myCP's "travel history" at;
  • In the "Your tickets" area of the CP App. 

If you identify an error, you can change your journey or refund your purchase up to 15 minutes before the train departs. 

Train tickets purchased online are personal and non-transferable and only valid for the selected day(s) and trains. If you need to use another train, you must change it according to the conditions laid down. On the trains, you must prove your identity with the identification document mentioned at the time of purchase. You must also present your printed or digital ticket on the Porto urban trains. 

If you have a discounted ticket, you must present the valid document that gives you this right (in the case of an age discount, any official document showing your date of birth will be accepted). If you don't comply with the above conditions or present a ticket that has already been exchanged or refunded, it will be considered invalid, and the passenger will be punished with a fine (under the terms of Law no. 28/06 of 4 July). 

For tax purposes, the PDF ticket serves as a receipt. If you don't fill in the Name or Entity and TIN fields in the ticket details for tax purposes, your ticket will be issued with the TIN "Final Consumer". Once the ticket has been issued, within 30 minutes of purchase, provided that this is no later than 15 minutes before the train departs from the passenger’s station of origin, you can change all the travelling conditions, including altering or correcting the tax data. 

Visitors who purchase tickets to or from Porto-Campanhã, Coimbra-B and Lisbon Oriente to travel between these stations and those of Porto São Bento, Coimbra Cidade, Lisbon Santa Apolónia, Areeiro, Entrecampos and Sete Rios, can use the Porto, Coimbra or Lisbon urban trains, respectively, free of charge. Passengers travelling on the Lisbon/Faro/Lisbon route to or from Pinhal Novo station can use Lisbon commuter trains all along the Sado Line.

In these situations, tickets are only valid for the routes mentioned, during the hour before the train leaves or up to one hour after the train arrives, depending on the passenger’s origin or destination. 

Customers with reduced mobility who need help getting on and off the train should consult the SIM - Integrated Mobility Service Procedures Manual and the list of stations with SIM for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. You should also make sure that you book the SIM.

Payment for purchases is made in euros (€). The website accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards: Visa, American Express, Mastercard.
  • MB WAY;
  • Paypal. 

When purchasing at the CP Online Ticket Office, using Visa and Mastercard payment methods, Visitors make the transaction with 3-D Secure. 

The 3-D Secure protocol provides adequate levels of security for online purchases as it ensures that the Visitor is responsible for the payment and is the legitimate holder of the card being used for the online purchase. 

At the payment stage, the visitor is presented with a bank form where they must enter their bank card details and authentication credentials, which only the card owner knows. Most Portuguese banks send codes by SMS to their customers so that they can authenticate the transaction. 

If you have not yet linked your bank card to 3-D Secure, your transaction may be refused with Visa and Mastercard payment methods. Contact your bank to sign up and find out which authentication method to use for your online purchases

Visitors can book a Priority Seat in tourist class/2nd class on the Alfa Pendular and Intercidades services. These seats are intended for passengers with reduced mobility. 

If Visitors need a priority seat, they must make the purchase separately. If you buy tickets for other passengers together, priority seats will be allocated to all of them. As the number of priority seats per carriage is limited, the system may allocate seats in different carriages.

CP's General Conditions of Carriage apply for all matters relevant to transport or after-sales that are not expressly referred to in this document.

Exchange tickets for Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional, InterRegional and Urban trains from Porto and Coimbra to complement your journey:

Ticket exchanges can be made up to 15 minutes before departure from the station of origin of the ticket, free of charge. After this deadline, passengers cannot exchange their tickets.

Successive ticket exchanges can be made up to 120 days from the original purchase, subject to the generation of trains in the sales system (60 days). Exchanges can also be made in advance of the journey date.

Passengers can change all the journey conditions, except when changing the return journey of return tickets, where you must keep the conditions of the outward ticket. If there is an amount to pay, the amount paid in the initial transaction will be reversed to the account of the card used, and the new transaction will be debited to the account of the card you designate. The difference will be returned to the card account used if an amount is to be received.

You can apply online, in the "Your tickets" area at, or at the station ticket offices. 

Changing the name of the holder and/or their identification document is available for tickets that can be exchanged and that have not been partially used or exchanged. This operation is free of charge and is available in the "Your tickets" area at

If there is an amount to pay, the amount paid in the initial transaction will be reversed to the account of the card used, and the new transaction will be debited to the account of the card you designate. The difference will be returned to the card account used if there is a receivable. 

When the request is made at a CP ticket office, the ticket can be presented on paper, by SMS or on the CP APP, together with the identification document indicated on the ticket. Requests to exchange tickets will not be accepted from customers not identified as indicated on the ticket. 

Exchanging tickets for Coimbra urban trains:

No ticket exchanges are allowed for Coimbra urban trains.

No exchanges allowed: 

Due to their nature, exchanges are not permitted on

  • Historic train tickets;
  • Trainsharing tickets.

Refunds of tickets for Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional, InterRegional and Porto and Coimbra Urban trains as an add-on to the journey: 

If you don't use your ticket, you can get a full refund up to 15 minutes before the train leaves your departure station, eitheronline in the "Your tickets" area on or at any CP ticket office. 

No refund requests will be accepted after this deadline. 

When requesting a refund at a CP ticket office, the ticket can be presented on paper, by SMS or on the CP App, together with the original identification document indicated on the ticket. 

The amount to be refunded is returned to the account of the card used for the purchase. 

The following are non-refundable:

  • Unused tickets bought in a set with a discount
  • Return tickets where one leg includes Promo;
  • Promo Tickets;
  • Trainsharing tickets.


Coimbra urban train ticket refunds 

These tickets cannot be refunded.

The specific conditions of purchase and validity published on the CP website will apply to the tickets/discounts mentioned above or to any others that may be created and publicised in the future. 

The CP/Zoo and CP/Yellow bus products need the passenger to print out the voucher to use the other services (entry to the Zoo and access to the Yellow bus).  

Pets - Check the conditions for transporting animals

Transport of bikes - Their transport depends on the space limitations of each type of train. Check the conditions

All train ticket purchases made through the Online ticket office are subject to Portuguese legislation and CP's General Conditions of Carriage. In the event of any discrepancy between CP's General Conditions of Carriage and the Online Ticket Office Terms and Conditions, CP's General Conditions of Carriage shall prevail. 

Regardless of whether the Visitor is outside of Portugal, CP clarifies that the Portuguese courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute, and the Visitors waive any other jurisdiction.

If a Visitor’s complaint, resident in Portugal or another European Union country, related to the provision of the contracted services is not considered by CP, Visitors may resort to a competent Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity (ADR). 

For more information, see the website of the Directorate-General for Consumer Affairs, which publishes an up-to-date list of existing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) organisations at RAL - Mapa (

Updated on 9 October 2023.