Partnership with Serralves

Exhibitions, shows, fairs and visits to the park.

Alfa Pendular and Intercidades customers get 25% off to the Serralves Foundation if they show their train ticket.

Serralves credential customers get discounts on Alfa pendular and Intercidades tickets if they show theis Serralves ticket/invitations.

See the Oporto visit sugestion.

CP Services: Alfa Pendular | Intercidades

  • Conforto/1st class: 25%
  • Turística/2nd class: 20%

Offer valid for return tickets to Oporto Campanhã or Gaia stations.

Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

The discount only applies to the five days before or after the date of the ticket to the show/fair or to the date of the train ticket.

Customers who on the inward journey do not have the ticket to the show or fair can get their ticket under this partnership so long as on the return journey they prove they have the right to the discount (Serralves annual invitation or invitation ticket).  

Discount granted at CP ticket offices or on board the train if the ticket offices are closed. 

Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments

The Serralves Museum will host the exhibition “Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments” until the 6th of January 2019, with four pieces spread across the Serralves Park, as well as a sculpture in the museum and 56 scale models designed by the artist over the past 40 years.

The works and their relative location at the Serralves Park were carefully selected by the artist in order to create a journey through time, space, forms of perception and of assigning meaning.

Anish Kapoor was born in 1954 in Mumbai, India, being considered one of the most important contemporary sculptors, and he has received the Duemila award in 1990, the Turner award in 1991, and the Padma Bhushan award in 2012 for his work.

This exhibition, curated by Suzanne Cotter, is worth the visit since it allows us to see two of the essential features of the sculptor’s works: their large size involving us and experimenting new possibilities.