CPAvis kit - Train + Car

Get off the train and have a car waiting for you. Now available in Albufeira too.

The CP/Avis Kit makes your life easier with a train ticket and car hire at your destination station for up to 24 hours on the one ticket at special prices, with three versions:

  • KIT CP/AVIS COMFORT: includes Peugeot 208 or similar (Group C).
  • KIT CP/AVIS EXECUTIVE: includes Peugeot 308, Renault Megane or similar (Group N) with GPS.
  • KIT CP/AVIS ECOLOGICAL: includes Hybrid TOYOTA C-HR (Group B) - available only at the Lisbon Oriente and Porto Campanhã stations.

CP Services: Alfa Pendular | Intercidades


To make the most of even better prices, buy a Promo ticket along with the car rental and get up to 65% off the train price. Check here.

The prices do not include:

  • Fuel. See the filing options for journeys of more than 120 km.
  • Extras for special equipment, namely the sue of children’s seats and booster seats or GPS (except in the CP/AVIS kit EXECUTIVO), or Mobile Wi-Fi. You have to request the equipment when you make the booking and then pay the difference at the AVIS counter when you pick up the car at the destination station.
  • If you are under 25 when you pick up he car, you have to pay a Young Driver Extra for yourself and any driver registered on your contract.

See these and other conditions in the general AVIS terms and conditions or call the AVIS customer care line: 800 201 002.

The car rental includes unlimited mileage, air conditioning, limited civil liability, collision cover against third-parties and against theft. The cover may have deductibles for damage caused to the rented vehicle and circulation service charge and VAT.

You must present a credit card at the AVIS counter or pay a deposit when you pick the vehicle up.

Whenever the vehicle is returned after the scheduled time without advising AVIS, a Late Return Fee is charged.

See more about deductibles, Extras and other information here: general AVIS terms and conditions or call the AVIS customer support service: 800 201 002.

The vehicles must be picked up and returned at the same stations and if you want to extend the length of the rental or upgrade to a higher category, you should say so when you book and pay the difference 

When you pick the car up at the AVIS counter.

If you are going to Porto or Oriente, the ticket can be bought up to 60 minutes before the train starts its journey, for other destinations they can be bought from CP long-distance ticket offices until 18:00 the day before, depending on the ticket office opening times.

These tickets can be refunded and reissued up until 30 minutes before the train departs (in accordance with the regulations in force).

> Alfa Pendular and Intercidades commercial service stations (check station opening times here)

  •     60 days in advance, by:
    •     6 p.m. the day before the journey;
    •     60 minutes before departure from where the train begins its journey, in the case of Lisbon Oriente or Porto Campanhã.

> Online ticket office and Call Centre 210 900 032*/808 109 110** (+351 210 900 032 from abroad***) only for Lisbon Oriente or Porto Campanhã destinations.

  • 60 days in advance, up to 60 minutes before the train begins its journey.

* Price of a call to the fixed network according to your tariff.

** Price of a local call according to your tariff, with a maximum of €0.07 + VAT for the first minute and €0.0277 + VAT for each subsequent minute on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. or €0.0084 + VAT from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. and weekends and public holidays, as defined by Anacom.

*** Price of a call to Portugal according to your tariff

NOTE: Car delivery is subject to the opening hours of Avis delivery/pick-up desks at CP stations.

  • Vehicle pick-up and delivery stations