Pass card advantages

Load passes and ocassional tickets for the Oporto urban trains onto just one card.

The Pass Card is a personal, non-transferable card with contactless technology that allows you load passes and single tickets.

The cards also let you:

  • Change the route without having to have a new card;
  • Top up for two consecutive months and for the same or different Origins and Destinations;
  • Recover the signature in case of card loss, paying only for the new card.

Whatever the type of pass or ticket, always remember to validate it before boarding the train, except when just changing trains. Validate your pass or ticket no more than 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

CP Services: Porto urban trains

Passengers can request a pass pass card at the following ticket offices: Oporto (São Bento), Oporto (Campanhã), Ermesinde, Trofa, Famalicão, Nine, Braga, Guimarães, Recarei - Sobreira, Cête, Paredes, Penafiel, Caíde, Marco de Canaveses, Vila Nova de Gaia (Devesas), Espinho, Ovar, Estarreja and Aveiro. 

Necessary documents

  • General
    • Presentation of an official identification document: ID / Citizen's card, other official identification document (passport, driver's licence (Portuguese citizens) residence authorisation or certified photocopy of these documents;
    • Recent original colour passport photograph, against a plain background with head uncovered and without sunglasses – except in specifically sound situations.

Passengers must keep their ticket card in a good state of repair and hold on to it until they complete their journey and leave the station.

The loss. Destruction, seizure, or renovation of the card does not give the passenger the right to any compensation or free replacement.

If the pass card is lost or stolen go to a ticket office as quickly as possible so the card can be deactivated, a new card issued and the pass transferred. Occasional tickets cannot be recovered).

The new card has to be paid for.

The cards have an electronic circuit inside them that depends on proper care, so they should not be twisted or folded, subjected to high or low temperatures sticking anything other than transport stamps on them, electrical or electromagnetic effects, scratches or water.

The card is guaranteed for 2 years after being issued, against electric faults or factory defects so CP will refund your deposit if the card is in a good state of repair:

The card has occasional tickets and the balance can be read, at a card reader or if there is a validation record within the past 15 minutes, the card will be exchanged immediately. If the card cannot be read and if there is no record of any validation within the past 15 minutes, the card balance will be transferred to the new card seven days after the anomaly is recorded in the system.

A card is considered to be out of order if it does not work but there is no visible damage such as cracks, cuts, the chip is partially or totally unglued, folds or other signs of misuse.

Otherwise, or if the card is out of warranty, the replacement is paid for by the passenger. 

Note: prices in Euro, Vat included.
Price of electronic cards
Normal season ticket card 6.00
Student season ticket card 6.00
Passes for pupils and students 3.00

We have established agreements with various entities so as to offer a series of benefits and discounts to pass card holders to thank their loyalty.