Flexipasse CP advantages

The CP Flexipasse is a pass for unlimited journeys on a predefined route.

Uma alternativa mais flexível para quem pretende utilizar regular e indiferenciada

The CP Flexipasse is valid for an unlimited number of journeys over a specific route.

It is a more flexible alternative for people who often use any Intercidades, Regional and InterRegional trains over a certain route for commuting or regular travel.

They are valid for:

  • one calendar month, on sale from the 21st of the month before.
  • 60 days*;
  • 90 days*.

*On sale any day of the month. The validity starts no more than 10 days after they are sold.

*The 60-day Flexipasse is the same as two monthly passes.

*The 90-day Flexipasse is 15% less than one of the three monthly passes

Youths under 25 get a 25% discount.


  • No seat booking, passengers can sit in any free seat but may have to travel standing up.
  • With seat booking upon payment of €4. Only possible in the last 30 minutes before the train leaves where you are boarding. 

Travel without any reservations with the CP Flexipasse.

Further details from CP ticket offices.


One month flexipasse normal and youth

60-day flexipasse normal and youth

90-day flexipasse normal and youth


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