Oporto urban train passes

See the weekly and monthly passes for everyone who travels on the Oporto Urban Trains every day.

These tickets are valid for unlimited travel over a predefined route for as long as they are valid.

CP Services: Oporto urban trains

These are valid for 7 days in a row counting with the 1st day they are valid as chosen when they are purchases.

These tickets can be bought up to 15 days in advance of when you want to start using them, from any ticket office that sells CP Oporto urban tickets.

This ticket is composed of a plastic card that does not need to be validated and a receipt.

Customers with any kind of CP monthly pass can get a Weekly Pass without needing to get a new card.


Note: prices in euros including VAT
Zones Prices
1 and 2 14.50
3 18.00
4 20.50
5 23.50
6 26.50
7 30.00
8 32.50
9 35.50
10 38.50
11 41.50
12 44.50
13 47.50
14 50.50
15 53.50
16 56.50
17 59.50

If you have an Oporto  urban trains monthly pass, you just need to travel 12 days and you are already ahead. You can buy a fixed pass (valid for a calendar month) or a flexible pass.. A flexible pass can be purchased any day of the month and it is valid until the day before the same day chosen for it to be valid, the next month.

These passes are sold from ticket offices and ticket vending machines and are loaded onto plastic cards that are personal and unalienable, which use contactless technology and that can be topped up with monthly passes or individual tickets.

These cards allow:
To alter the route without needing a new card.
Two consecutive months to and from the same or different places.
Recovery of your pass if the card breaks or is lost, if you can prove what you purchased, and just pay the cost of the new card.

Top up

You can top up the card at ticket offices or ticket vending machines.
Keep the receipt while the pass is valid.


Note: prices in euros including VAT
Zones Prices
1 and 2 33.25
3 40.40
4 46.35
5 53.45
6 60.60
7 67.70
8 73.65
9 80.80
10 87.90
11 93.85
12 101.00
13 108.10
14 115.25
15 121.20
16 128.30
17 135.45