Porto urban trains - replacement bus service

Engineering works mean there will be a replacement bus service for the following trains:

See the bus stops and times*: 

Train From To Dates Replacement bus service:
15553 Porto São Bento 23:30 Marco de Canaveses 00:50

5 July to 28 September

5 to 30 November 

(Tuesday to Saturday)


Caíde and Marco de Canaveses


15501 Porto São Bento 00:45 Marco de Canaveses 01:51

Marco de Canaveses

Porto São Bento

Marco de Canaveses and Caíde 

*The times are indicative as they may vary depending on traffic conditions.

The replacement bus service cannot carry wheelchairs or bicycles. Small pets can be taken if the animal is in an appropriate container that can be carried as hand luggage. 


Please consult the customer care line for further details. National calls: 210 900 032 (Price of a call to the fixed network according to your tariff) or 808 109 110 (Price of a local call according to your tariff, with a maximum of €0.07 + VAT for the first minute and €0.0277 + VAT for each subsequent minute on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. or €0.0084 + VAT from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., weekends and public holidays, as defined by Anacom), or CP Customer Assistance Offices and Ticket Offices.