School trips to Tomar

A trip to the town of Tomar takes us back in time to the age of the Templar and their medieval cities.

The Tomar circuit is temporarily suspended. As soon as possible we will publish new information.

There are lots of famous monuments such as the Convent of Chris, which has been world heritage since 1984. Then there is the amazing colourful ‘Festa dos Tabuleiros’ which is held every four years. The last one was in 2015, so just do the Math!

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One-day programme, leaving Lisbon at 7:45 for Tomar and returning at 19:13.

  • Welcome reception by the guide at Tomar station;
  • Walking tour to the historical centre of Tomar, passing by the Match Museum, Pottery, Synagogue and St John the Baptist Church;
  • Free time for lunch (not included) at Mata dos Sete Montes or another place;
  • Guided tour of Mata dos Sete Montes, Templar’s Castle and Convent of Christ;
  • Walk back to the historical centre;
  • Return to Tomar station.

Includes: Regional train journey, personal accident insurance and guides.

Note: prices in euros including VAT
School Trip to Tomar
From Adult Child (4-12 inclusive)
Lisbon 16.20 13.60

Vila Franca de Xira

14.40 12.30
Santarém 10.30 9.00
Entroncamento 7.10 6.50


  • Programme subject to a minimum number of participants.
  • Seat reservation mandatory.
  • These tickets cannot be refunded or altered.

The school programmes are run all year round from Tuesday to Sunday.

Regional train journey:

  • OUTWARD: Lisbon Santa Apolónia 07:45 > Tomar 09:47
  • RETURN: Tomar 17:11 > Lisbon Santa Apolónia 19:13

The tickets can be bought up to 60 days in advance.